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  • Reports of Heavy Rain

    , posted by: Brophy 11 comments

    Hello All,

    We have received reports from the San Andreas Meteorologist's suggesting we are in for very heavy rain tonight between 8 and 9pm server time!

    We also believe there is a very high chance of flooding as the dam and flood defenses are currently having maintenance work carried out on them and will be unavailable in time to stop any potential flooding!

    Please keep your eye on ingame announcements for any further developments!

    Let us know if you are gonna come via the event below! (Testing Events, you can view the current and future events by clicking on "ONLINE EVENTS" in the top navigation bar!)

    11 comments on this article

    i think this event can be seen as RolePlay as well for some several classes, for example ; DE and doing rescue ;) and etc ...

    2bad i wont be able to experience it for a matter of a few hours X(

    "Sorry, there is a problem

    We could not locate the item you are trying to view"

    Yes all ProCops spawn as Coastguards this gon be hella fun!!!! :D

    Like I already suggested in the other topic, try make suh random weather events more often (appreciated during weekends as people seem to have more time there) so that there could be roughly or it two  weather based news reports published during a month.

    And yeah, SAM AIR/SAFD AIR, PC

    MARINE, Non-PC coastguard and suh should indeed be used so that the sever isn't filled of pathetic kids moaning but actually someone to rescue them and make something entertaining out of it.

    well, if i get time, SWAT on duty

    Dynamic weather would always be awesome in SAES, nothing too over the top but a bit of rain or fog every now and then shouldn't hurt anyone!

    Well, MCC always there, On Duty 

    Please get a way for us to subscribe to the feed :D

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