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  • Desert Eagles Recruitment

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    "Don't you forget that you're a DE member ! Not all the  cuban communists in Hell can overrun you!"
    -- Major General Bmaster , erskin in reference to the Battle Of Las Venturas.
    After discussing it with the rest of the Desert Eagles command[DEHQ] , it has been decided that the Desert Eagles will be looking for new recruits in order to improve its size and help us in our constant/never ending and challenging battles against country enemies, including the Cuban Liberation Organization and other terrorist organizations.
    Therefore we will be hosting a recruitment to find the best soldiers wanting to RP and protect SA.
    The recruitment will take place the second week of September , the exact date will be specified in a few days.
    Admin messages will be made during and a few minutes before the recruitments to give you further instructions. We suggest you come no more, but no less than 25 minutes in advance. Anyone arriving late will NOT be able to join the recruitment.
    The details of tests you will have to go through will not be disclosed until the recruitment. You may prepare for our traditional tests including parachute or Team Death Match.
    You should come to the recruitment spawned as a civilian with no weapons.
    Good luck to all candidates and see you there!
    The DEHQ team.
    General Ronseal
    General Bmaster
    Colonel Rares
    Air Marshall Kenny
    Major Mactaylor
    Admiral of the Fleet Patrol

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