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  • Contest New login-screen background

    , posted by: Bone 21 comments

    The current man in a boat has become old so its time to attempt for a refreshment
    Its the number one spot people look at before they join the server


    There is a restriction on the artwork,
    Image size: 1920x952 pixels
    respect other people their artwork

    @Visionaries stated he wanted an optical illusion of his fetish, "goatse"
    @kenny will reward the winning background


    the contest will end 10th of January announcement of the winner will follow shortly after closing


    21 comments on this article

    Can you show the current loginscreen in your post?
    I mean the artwork it has

    Great, contest to steal images from the internet!

    If my art gets accepted, nnb & bb will be on front page :Bignose:

    Meant to say first look xD

    1/4 crop  4A5U2pC.jpg

    i was smelling that arm pit of that guy a mile away... or is it mine?

    @Quality did you Draw it? Just saying - saes probably want a something unique and not GTA 5 content for a mta sa server xD

    fuck [SWAT]Killer Admin banned player with don't have enythin

    Fuck RikKi for lyining


    @Tut Greco, we fucking switched to GTA V forums (social hub) theme after years of using the old theme, lol. I'm pretty sure there will be no problems to use GTA V content.

    That's true, but why would we use a gta 5 design for a gta SA server? 

    cuz it looks more realistic

    I want a goatse googled image as background, just like Visionaries would've done 

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