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      Contest New login-screen background

      , posted by: Bone
      The current man in a boat has become old so its time to attempt for a refreshment Its the number one spot people look at before they join the server   There is a restriction on the artwork, Image size: 1920x952 pixels respect other people their artwork   @Visionaries stated he wanted an optical illusion of his fetish, "goatse"@kenny will reward the winning background   the contest will end 10th of January announ

      Cuban Liberation Organisation Presents: Gang Wars (26.03.2016 19:00 GMT)

      , posted by: Bone
      All in all, we, the Cuban Liberation Organization, have decided to host another gang war tournament for the gangs, companies, and yes, even squads for a chance for them to prove that they are the best of the best and to get the bragging rights of the being the top gang in SAES!   The tournament will be held on the 26th of March 2016, at 7 PM server time (19:00 GMT) Prices are as follows, Prices will be shar

      Your chance to win dinner with ... ME

      , posted by: Kain
      This is your opportunity to meet the new SAES HQ member in person and share an evening of fine dining and conversation with Kain himself and up to three friends or members of your family. You have to be in it to win it, so participate now! PM me with the current format to be automatically entered for the chance to join me for dinner in London. Full name:  Email:  Why should we meet? Age: The prize includes: A two-course gourmet meal prepare

      It's time to go trick or treating

      , posted by: Mega9
      Halloween is at our doorstep, and so is ingame! Spawn Los Santos > Civilian > Hobo & head out trick or treating as a pumpkinhead for limited time!

      Back to the Future

      , posted by: Lance
      To celebrate that Marty and Doc have reached their destination we've added the Delorean from the movie ingame.  The car replaces the Alpha ingame and no, it can't fly or go back in time when zZenom used to be liked or in the future when Kenny takes over SAES to make it a Nazi Utopia.

      Reports of Heavy Rain

      , posted by: Brophy
      Hello All, We have received reports from the San Andreas Meteorologist's suggesting we are in for very heavy rain tonight between 8 and 9pm server time! We also believe there is a very high chance of flooding as the dam and flood defenses are currently having maintenance work carried out on them and will be unavailable in time to stop any potential flooding! Please keep your eye on ingame announcements for any further developments! Let us know i

      Desert Eagles Recruitment

      , posted by: Sir Cheese
      "Don't you forget that you're a DE member ! Not all the  cuban communists in Hell can overrun you!" -- Major General Bmaster , erskin in reference to the Battle Of Las Venturas. After discussing it with the rest of the Desert Eagles command[DEHQ] , it has been decided that the Desert Eagles will be looking for new recruits in order to improve its size and help us in our constant/never ending and challenging battles against country enemies, in