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  • Streaming KATLA development

    , posted by: NanoBob 16 comments

    Since most of the community seems very interested in the development and progress of KATLA Deso and I have decided we will be streaming some of the development process on twitch.


    Our streams can be found at :  https://www.twitch.tv/dezzolation &  https://www.twitch.tv/nanobob_

    We'll probably add a post here whenever we start streaming and remove it afterwards in case you want to come watch what we are doing. Do keep in mind that we won't always be streaming when we work on KATLA, only when we feel like it.

    See you there!

    16 comments on this article

    No offense, I respect the work but I personally won't join with it, it's still a different server with different peoples whenever it will get putted up for community, it's awesome to see the different scripts but all this could be done in under of out current server,  there's no need to make it as a separate server, when the SAES dies, I'll simply quit playing it, give a fuck or don't, that's it.

    No offense @ChasinTLSN.. but you're speaking nonsense. First of all, the only reason there would be different players on the new server, is because of players like you which dislike changes and refuse to change. If every player from SAES managed to get their ass on Katla, we'd have the same community and we'd even have the chance to grow in player activity.

    I guess one of the reasons why they wouldn't implement these changes on SAES, is because of the people whining about all the work they have put into SAES. By making a new server, the players which are crying about losing their shit won't cry.

    Other than that. Why so negative for Katla, Chasin?

    @Human_ I'm speaking what my opinion is, so I'll state whatever the fuck I want.

    Secondly, I dont have anything to lose, like you who licking those butts clear 24/7, it's just my opinion about this new project, no ones else.

    Thirdly, you seem on period for these last couple of months, I have no idea what I've done to you, but who gives a shit about in internet anyways, keep thinking about yourself what you're not, stop being fake.


    I just want to salute you guys, for your great effort and your work.

    You invest your personal time on this new whole new project so we the players could have fun and enjoy the gameplay.

    Thank you very much!


    Thanks mate, the appreciation is great and the only thing we can ask in return :)

    Add a picture of Ariana Grande in the top left corner of your stream and count me in!

    We waited years for 2.0, we gave up hope. quit and left this forsaken community.. now we'll return, we'll return to bring back the chaos and embrace KATLA!!!! - is that what you think is going to happen???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Just saying, most of us have grown the fuck up and 2.0 or project katla will prolly bring back only a few peeps who will prolly quit after a few weeks. We wanted 2.0 ages ago, you know.. when the community still had players.

    Why work on a dead game when you can work on something better, like a pokemon go mod for CSGOOOO! 


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