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  • Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #3 (A Video Sneak Peek)

    , posted by: Desolator 34 comments

    It has sadly been a while since our last dev' diary. Multiple successive events in both of our lives prevented us from making enough progress to put something out to you. Fortunatly the time has arrived to show you something! Instead of spamming a bunch of screenshots we decided to create a small video in which we highlight a couple of awesome features we have been working on :)

    Thanks to the latest MTA update, which increased the performance of the ingame browsers, we were able to implement our own radar. Check out it's behaviour when Bob enters a vehicle! :D

    While Bob is showing off his interior, bare in mind that he actually decorated it himself, something you guys will also be able to do with furniture buyable in stores!

    In the coming week(s) bob and I will be adding more 'side-features' like these. Features that enhance the game but don't necessarily contribute to the gamemode. A lot of these features contribute to you, as a a player, customizing your character and world around you. This is a game aspect that will be very important to us. We will also add the necessary shader options, optional for people with high-end systems that want to experience San Andreas in HD quality.

    I myself will be implementing some final systems that will help you manage the access of your properties and vehicles. Yes, a friend system will be in place! And last but not least shall I invest some effort in creating an awesome donation system.

    As always, we can't provide you with any official dates but I personally hope you will be able to enjoy the open beta tests during your christmas holidays :)

    34 comments on this article

    Good shit man, looking forward to it!

    What is this NanoBob, 10 FPS?

    Also I was hoping to hear NanoBob talk :(

    Why are you guys ignoring our pm? I could've made up a video in more than 50 fps lol.

    Great news overall though. I really liked the radar, however it'd be quite handy to have street names written on it. As a police officer it would be easier to report a location that way. Or just type in 'Gandon east' 'Bone County north' whatever.. :D

    Where is tuts profsnal promo™ video quality?

    I accidentally locked my recording software to 15 Fps... oops

    I'm excited to see the beta version coming out.

    @Patrick. if you think that then how about instead of just saying it's shit maybe say what's wrong precisely and what you think would make it better.

    Just saying it looks shite doesn't help anyone 

    I kinda like the bit at 1.25 when it says "blade is a fat cunt". That made me chuckle

    @Patrick. who said there wasn't more? No need to jump to conclusions.

    These Diary entries are just teasers for the community, what's the fun of just showing everything all at once?

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