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  • Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #2 (Skins and interiors)

    , posted by: NanoBob 33 comments

    It’s been a week since the first Dev’ Diary, so we decided to give you guys a heads up as to what has been going on in the past week and during the alpha tests. The alpha tests are going great and all the clan members and community staff are enjoying themselves. The majority of added features to the game this week are customization options for players and for gangs. The first of these being the implementation of skin shaders.

    Unlike the way skin shaders are implemented on SAES:RPG 1.4 on KATLA shaders will not require an admin to upload them, but instead they are generated by the game.

    Whilst creating a gang you will be able to choose the color for your gang, this color will be used to create highlights on your gang skins. Besides a color you will also be able to select appearance for your gang. This ranges from african american gangs, to bikers and eastern europeans. All of these appearance groups will have their own set of skins, of which each will have custom highlights available. Some skins will even display the logo you set for your gang.



    Desolator showing off his manly color preference

    More customization options have been added in the way of house interiors. Any house you own will have it’s own interior, these vary in size as the houses do too. Once inside your house you will be able to furnish the insides of your house to your liking. This includes the properties owned by your gang and later the businesses owned by your company. The furniture in your house is not solely ornamental. Some pieces of furniture have a function f.e.: You can change your skin at a wardrobe, store items in closets and play music in your house using your radio.




    Shady looking weapon dealers have appeared along SA trying to make a profit out of the anarchy that has taken over. These weapon dealers will sell any weapon, ranging from colts to RPGs. All of which are available to the general public.




    Once you’re wearing your colors, you’ve got your weapons and you’re ready to go, it’s actually time to gather some friends, and start taking over parts of SA.



    33 comments on this article

    Never thought I'd see Nano saying "African American"


    Nice job, looks sexy

    Looks dope as hell, but is the server only going to be gangwars or?

    You can find the answer to your question at the FAQ faker. 



    Blade is indeed a fat cunt xD


    The alpha tests are going great and all the clan members and community staff are enjoying themselves.

    For all this time, we've been thinking you were testing the server when you, in fact, were in a massive orgy. I'm not surprised, that's what you get when @Donna's out of the kitchen.

    server is not so interesting these days so my question is when these new features is going to come out for public?

    Please read the FAQ linked above Billionaire.

    Nano in blue t-shirt,i knew that you are gay!)

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