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  • Player Support System

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    Since yesterday late night, a new player support system was put in place to allow new players and even experienced ones to forward questions towards people who can answer them.
    Instead of shouting your question on the main chat where it will quickly get lost, you can directly forward it to a staff member through this new system.

    I know , I know, KATLA is being developped and so on, so why add it now, the answer is very simple, why not? It's never too late to add new useful things to the server.

    To explain how it works, each player can ask only ONE (1) question at a time, if you log out while your question is not answered yet, it will be removed and you'll have to ask it again when you log back in.
    You can access the 'ask GUI' via the command '/ask'.
    If you want to cancel your question, you will use the same command where you can press 'cancel question' instead of 'submit'.

    As  soon as your question is answered by a staff member, you will be prompt a GUI window that shows both  your question and the answer, plus the name of the staff member who answered your question.


    For those who are can't be arsed to go through the entire post, it's simple:
    COMMAND:  '/ask'
    See this topic  for screenshots. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/87855-player-support-system/


    Special Thanks to @jonas13362 & @Fyrr for helping out in the testing and debugging part.

    If you experience any bugs, please do report them on the bug tracker.


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    Nice but what about us? CS Wannabes ? We can't show ourselves to you Admins that we want to join CS


    good shit really needed ! Main chat sucks when you need to ask something serious and then you realise that is gone and none read it


    That's gonna be so useful for newer players.. and olders tho! Gread job once again :D





    What an useless script!


    I hope it's going to help, otherwise I have suggested helpful tips before,



    Nice job mates =)


    Now the cs have to work....ahhh shit.


    Would be cooler if you ad some auto advertisement on topbar every 2 minutes showing "Got a question? Type "/ask" to use our support chat.'' So that the newbies would notice it


    thanks to admins, now i can see this topic on main page without wearing glasses


    Ohh, this small things are good for the SV. A good place for make question and useful. Keep itup guys.