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  • More Updates!

    , posted by: Angelo. 14 comments

    Most of you are already familiar with the new update, but here you go anyway.

    The GTA SA inbuilt radio stations were finally removed and replaced with our custom radio stations.
    This means that you can scroll through several stations while being inside your vehicle and enjoy music while driving.
    This works similarily to the old fashioned stations, as soon as you leave your vehicle, the stream stops. If you don't want to listen to anything, then simply scroll to "OFF".

    For now, there are about four stations available which are the Official Radio stations we have (Radio SA, Edmzone and MSX), plus 181.fm UK Top Hits.
    Ensure that your Radio Volume is set to 0 on your MTA audio settings, otherwise you'll still hear the old radios' stream.

    Now if you are thinking, "I want my favorite radio station also added", well that's not possible. There are only 14 slots available overall and we will keep them for Official radio stations only, however, can add a few stations temporarily as we have many open slots at the moment.

    Moreover, a few bugs have been fixed. That includes the Police Maverick co-pilot camera which has been malfunctioning for a while.
    The timer on the F1>I'm stuck function has also been increased for people who are wanted in order to stop them from abusing it to avoid arrest (15 seconds if you are wanted), a message will also be displayed for players within a radius of 100 meters if the player is wanted.

    More updates and bug fixes are in plan, stay tuned and have fun!

    14 comments on this article

    @Bone Q dance radio sucks, all songs are on repeat 500 times a day. Better add SLAM FM Hardstyle.

    You forgot the toll road update

    You cunt

    Nice 4 mouse got it ? xD

    Yay one of my favorite radio station is here wooo 181.fm

    Thank god you can turn mta sound off and still listen to old ones.

    Nice also add 181.fm top hits please :DD I always listen to it. 

    @Hotfire are you blind m8

    Its added already since the beginning

    "Ensure that your Radio Volume is set to 0 on your MTA audio settings, otherwise you'll still hear the old radios' stream"


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