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  • LV Customs custom vehicles

    , posted by: NanoBob 31 comments

    Hello ladies, after a little over an hour of server downtime I've finished implementing a new update.

    This update adds a new type of vehicle shop, just east of LV hospital. This vehicle shop allows you to customise your vehicles, adding parts of some vehicles to others. removing parts from your main vehicle, etc etc.

    However these custom vehicles can be very expensive depeding on the parts you include in your vehicles. The bought vehicle will appear in your disk like any other. Any components added to your vehicle are purely esthetical, you won't be able to ram people if you add a truck on top of it. However wheels do affect handling, therefore you can test the vehicle on a race track by clicking the test button in the vehicle shop.

    With this vehicle system the sky is the limit, or well... Your ingame wallet is.

    Happy vehicle modding!

    31 comments on this article

    ### BEFORE ###

    Your base mapping is not RP related. Here is RPG server and you need to make your base mapping realistic.

    ### LATER ### 

    Custom vehicles.

    What the fack

    /me checks if he is dreaming


    Dutch boy in hospital found naked dancing around a local school trying to fly by jumping out of a window


    No Im not dreaming, nanobob I love you


    So if someone steals your vehicle, can they remove upgrades?

    Thomas, they can not remove any upgrades

    I'd like to present ya'll The Ultimate Hotdog.


    2 Million is a small price to pay for this beauty!

    Guess that place is full of people dming now

    You pay per component, if your vehicle is very pricey simply remove some components.

    Good job , you just knew how to attract people again 

    Wiggle.. Wiggle... Wiggle..

    I've modded a car and I can't buy it, money is not the problem of course. Any idea why?

    What kind of message does it give JokerGR? If it says you can' t buy it it means you' re using a component in your vehicle from a vehicle which you cna' t normally buy. You can see if this is the case if the costs of the vehicle are N/A.

    If this is the case you can check your components in the addComponent window to see which are and aren' t allowed for usage.

    If this is not the issue feel free to ask for more help.

    @Ardron, how tf can you get components so far from the base car?`I can't even add ramps to the sides of a Packer ;_;

    pretty sure I went like 3cm on the side of the truck with the extra ramps

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