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  • Let's put some shaders up!

    , posted by: Lance 13 comments

    So i wanted to get the community involved. If you're interested in shaping the overall design of SA enviroment we urge you to help us.

    Only thing you need to do is use Nanobobs shader tool; 


    And then start replacing billboards or anything you like in SA! When you're done, screenshot the design ingame and PM me it.

    Anyone that design something that gets approved receives 1 million in reward.


    13 comments on this article


    why cant we open the link?

    logi i give you 5m and you Quit the game

    I dont get this, correct me if I am wrong but werent the shaders covering a big portions of the server kbs and the organizations were denied a 4th shader to cover their last skin with ( 3 skins are allowed atm out of 4 which sounds silly), wouldn't that suddenly be that exact same issue covering the SA environment with shaders?

    I've been waiting for re-build of some parts of san andreas for soo long time, i'm so greatful to see this. claps claps to you guys!!

    @Frisout you're on the front page!

    I am already working on it tbh :p @Tut Greco

    I already noticed some changes with shaders over the few months.

    For example the ATM machines, or a sign at los santos bank, or ZIP written on cranes, or the bus stop having a new poster, or random billboards in los santos

    I love such stupid details

    @SarkiS lets do something ? :D after our special works we can do amazing stuffs :D 

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