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  • KATLA?

    , posted by: NanoBob 52 comments

    Video is rather self explanitory.

    (The fps drops in the video are only in the recording, not a gameplay issue)

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    This looks fucking awesome. Nice job!

    How about cops? do they need to craft their own tasers or other guns as well, or import them individualy? since that doesnt make too much sense.

    Buying them in a store means that the cop buys it from a criminal which in fact makes the cop illigal too.

    As stated before, in the original open beta release of KATLA cops will not be a thing yet, Frisout.

    FPS drops are because Nanom0bs has a potato pc



    fuck this lag

    Looking forward to play there. :D Really nice gamemode you've made so far

    gj,keep it up :D


    This is incredible, can't wait to try it myself

    This is amazing Nano we just waiting for it.

    i dont like that you try to copy gtav layout, why not leave it classic gta sa?

    Great futures, good job there.

    Because SA really didn't have any GUIs whatsoever. And the GTA V style is simple, easy to recreate and clean and professional looking (IMO).

    Furthermore we couldn't use default MTA UIs since all of our user interfaces are web based.


    - Wise words from Brophy


    Bob is awesome

    Hell of a job nano!, epic. 

    Cant wait to see the cop side !

    Whose is the gay ass voice on the video. Bet they suck cock on the daily

    Brophy should come and kiss your forehead for that, amazing job!

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