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  • Good news, everyone!

    , posted by: Lance 61 comments

    Today we have to confess something to you, our community. Since Desolator’s return he has in deepest secrecy been working on a special project. To you, this project would be known as ‘2.0’ while to us it has become something very different. Desolator started from scratch. He studied the strengths and weaknesses of our current gamemode and with that knowledge he designed a completely new RPG gamemode. Now, a couple of months with more than 40 hours a week and 30.000 lines of code later we are finally ready for closed alpha testing. Because of the name 2.0 has gotten over the years we didn’t want to reveal this too early. We feel that now we can start testing, the secret should be out and we should all climb aboard the hype train.


    Every tiny detail about the new gamemode will be available to you soon enough, as we will start maintaining a wiki about it. For now, the most important thing to know is that the version of the gamemode that will be used in closed alpha will be a very bare-minimum playable gamemode containing merely gang wars in East Los Santos. During closed alpha testing (available for SAES clan members and Community Staff) the gamemode will be polished: the general appearance will be made nicer and more user friendly. Once we think that this intermediate gamemode is good enough for you, we will release an open beta for everyone to play. Then, while everyone is playing the open beta, we gradually add more features (companies, police etc.) to the game to turn this gang war gamemode into a full RPG.


    Everything will be different and everything is thought out. We appreciate every player’s input but we also want to remind you that this project has been thought out for months already. Desolator is still waiting for the first person to give him an idea he hasn’t thought about before.

    To accommodate for all your questions, feedback and discussions we have created an irc channel (#project-katla) and a teamspeak channel. When Desolator is around he will be happy to chat about anything related to this project. There is also a FAQ maintained which you should checkout first: 


    The gamemode uses techniques that no MTA has ever seen before and will truly be revolutionary. We hope to have informed you enough for now and welcome you to the appropriate aforementioned channels. In the coming days Desolator will be posting a Dev' diary about the features you will have in the open beta.


    61 comments on this article


    Deso and nano are 3.0

    Cant wait for  Deso and Nano are 3.0

    Fucking awesome dude, sounds awesome as hell just from words, can't wait to test it out!!

    Lance forgot to say that this is actually REAL :D

    Finally!! I like the name of the project; Project Katla in tunisian it means a whole different thing xD

    fuck i ran out of ALL excuses to be not that inactive :/

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