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  • Cinema for Gangs

    , posted by: NanoBob 35 comments

    Ever fancied having a cinema in your gang base? Well now you can!

    As a new organisation reward, gangs, squads and companies at lvl 4 can have a working television in their base, and at lvl 5 you can even have a bigger screen, much like in the cinema. These will be controlled in the same way as the cinema does.

    "How do I request this tho?"

    In order to request one for your gang there are a couple things we need. We are going to need the .lua code for the creation of a couple objects in your base. The first being the object you want to use as screen, and an object you wish to use to control the screen from (Like the computer in the cinema). 

    With those fill in this format and request it on the GM section on the bug tracker:



    Spawn name:

    Screen object:

    Control object:


    Any questions regarding requesting can be sent to me on forum PM, as there will no doubt be some.


    35 comments on this article

    I like this, but why not start working and/or fixing more important things? ;-)



    (we're also doing that)

    So you can play videos in your base all day... What about the price ?

    • Is it free to play videos or you pay an amount of ingame cash ?
    • Who can play videos in this cinema room ?
    • And if you have to pay to play videos, where does the cash go to ? I think it should go to the gang bank.

    You tell him, Lance!

    Go girl!


    Only the gang can play videos, and for them it is indeed free terry.

    Possible in both exterior or interior?

    And can we use any object we find fitting as a screen? Or are there some size/color/... restrictions?

    for lvl 4, the size of a TV, for lvl 5. there are no real restrictions apart from it having to not look out of place.

    awesome job,want to see it in work :D

    XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD It will be epic! Nice idea guys!!!

    Finally a use for this room!!

    Nice job love this idea and also is the cinema gonna make our FPS drop??

    It should not as it will only be active when in the area, hotfire. 

    Hmm, can we watch some porn or smthin like that at least in the g/c/s cinema ?

    Available for videos from Xvideos Or only youtube?

    WOW GOD , what a script!

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