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    , posted by: NanoBob 37 comments

    Ever ran out of keys to make binds for? You want more Localchat binds than you have keys? Or do you just want to bind every command.. EVER? Well this is the update for you!

    Introducing the SAES:RPG Binds system version! 
    With this update you will be able to group binds to different keys, and have binds under binds. binds leading to binds, binds within binds. you can bind your binds with binds in binds, etc etc.

    Joking aside, the update allows you to create certain lists of binds. These binds will then be activated by pressing a key when you have the list open. In order to set up your binds.
    You can use /bpanel /bindpanel. This opens a window to sort all your binds.
    You can use /bpage <name of page> or /bindpage <name of page>. This displays page of binds you set up earlier, upon clicking the key set up with the bind it will execute the bind.
    (When you have st up your bind, go to the save tab and save it to keep it among sessions)

    This allows numerous binds set up underneath the same key, expending your bind count immensely. And if you don't like you? You can shove it up yo.. you can not use it and everything will be fine!

    Credits for making this awesome script go to @Angelo.. Have any questions about it? Bother him!

    37 comments on this article

    you can bind your binds with binds in binds,  wtf ? 

    @Spentou, he means that you can set up your binds inside a list, then you can display a specefic list and execute the bind when you press the appropriate button.

    Amazing ! gj angelo !


    @_Jay Son of a bitch i just wanted to typ ethat

    I'm surprised no one has done this yet


    The dream Community , keep it up.



    @YellowBanana we have already, but when it detects your Username it starts the function cancelEvent()



    I never liked yellow bananas, i like the red ones more.

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