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  • Welcome aboard the GM team!

    , posted by: Bone 57 comments

    We welcome @ESO inside the Gang Management team!
    Feel free to spam his inbox with questions about your G/S/C/G also he's a live wikipedia based on camel anatomy knowledge.


    Also @ESO will be doing a contest of best drawn skills!
    Here's your plain example


    winner gets $10,000,000 rewarded in his G/S/C organisation

    57 comments on this article

    I hereby forfeit my position as GM!



    jk whalecum

    Omg Camels in comand? this is not gona go well :D

    GZ ESO

    Gz a7a camel :D

    ESOOOOOOOOOOOOO Congratulations!!!

    a happy day for all the camels worldwide !!


    feel free to send me any questions you'v got regarding your g/s/c or regarding camels !


    I want the 10 milions, send them to VM Account :D

    Congratulations ESO. Well deserved. 

    Keep up your great work!

    Camel in da house!!!! Congratulations ^^

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