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  • Welcome aboard the GM team!

    , posted by: Bone 41 comments

    Hey guys,

    We welcome @_Jay inside the Gang Management team!
    we're sure that @_Jay will assist you in any G/S/C related issues, he even does specialty's such as cleaning the CLO toilets!

    The last new GM member will be announced shortly so yet again hold your nipples tight!


    41 comments on this article

    Gz jay jay , well deserved

    Fuck. I missed first post this time. 


    Another oldschool, well deserved @Jay!! ( time to make atln 6 heheheh)

    @Jay   Congratulations ! I think you're awesome, we are then in-game.

    Now finally another company (ATLN) will reach level 5 ..

    Congratulations Jay! Well Deserved 

    gz mite !! XD well i sound british !

    U will no more clean CLO toilets 

    well u will be cleaning there mess TcMuO.gif

    For those of you congratulating, thank you.

    For those of you saying this is how Atlantic will reach level 5, you can kindly insert your head into your own arse as that isn't how I or the company will function, I won't even vote on it!

    Congratulations Jay, I hope you work for the community and bring happens to all of us :P

    A good move, Congratulations Jay,Well deserved.

    Dont bum squads pl0x :P

    Congratulation mate !

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