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  • Updates on Unrestricted DM zone!

    , posted by: Bone 27 comments

    hey there!

    Some of you might seen the update comming by this evening.
    We replaced the previous map with a new one!

    In every big city (LS,LV,SF) you can find 2 of these blue skull icons (Blipid23.jpg ) these mark the entry for the Unrestricted DM zone!

    Once you reach the (Blipid23.jpg )  you'll see a pink marker



    At the counter you'll meet Henk the salesman he sells tickets for $500 each




    Once you paid your entry fee you can pick a side Red or Blue and have some great FUN with the basic 3 rules!








    Basic 3 for the Unrestricted Area Lobby:

    1. No Death-matching in the Lobby area
    2. No Arresting in the lobby area
    3. Don´t be a cunt and have fun



    27 comments on this article

    Nice OMG Where Is DD2? , But Great  GJ :D

    I tried to joke about this area and GT but i cant. Nicely done

    Great Job! I see real updates!


    Would be great to be able to respawn there tho. Otherwise you'll have to go all the way there again to get back.

    Totally agreeing with @Toreno, the zones should have their own hospital or some kind of warp with what you can warp to the zone(s), unless you have to come all the way from hospital to play again, if this gets done then would be damn great, overall good job Bone!

    changed the location of the map, if you die now you're able to respawn at lv hospital ( shouldnt take much time now to return )

    Future planning, a spawn

    Wow but it seems to be these dm zones are rly inactive.

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