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  • The Cuban Embassy is here - Apply now!

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    After a long meeting with the Cuban Government officials, the leaders of Cuba have decided to tip their toes back into San Andreas, believing that the country is safe enough for the Cuban Ambassador and government officials to arrive to San Fierro.
    The Cuban Government has sent an ambassador to San Andreas to uphold, or if possible, improve the relationship between Cuba and the United States.
    One of the missions of the newly appointed Ambassador is to improve the living and working conditions of the Cubans already in San Andreas, and they wish to have the Cubans help them in maintaining the Cuban properties in San Andreas.
    Another key mission is to also open the Cuban doors to more Americans, this means you can now apply for Cuban Citizenship.
    Embassy Definition:
    An embassy is a political diplomatic organization that represent a specific country  in another one.  It's basically the face and voice of your country in another counties. The embassy is usually led by one person called the ambassador. The ambassador role is to ensure and enhance good relations with the country the embassy in as well as directing the embassy staff to achieve the embassy 's goals.  The embassy role includes enhancing good relations between the both countries in many aspects like economy, culture, managing and protecting that country's interests in the receiving country.
    The Goals of the Cuban Embassy :
    Recruiting American migrants to live and work in Cuba to help re-build the country.
    Jobs for these workers are still yet to be announced.
    Upholding the political and Cuban interests and relations of the Cuban Government.
    Cuban interests in SA includes Cuban Oil Stations, Refineries, and Headquarters, Cuban Cars garages and HQ, Gas stations, G6 security buildings, Cuban Embassy buildings etc.
    The Interview process:
     Interviews are to be held the Cuban Embassy interior in LV.
     Cuban Embassy crew are to interview each applicant individually.
     The number of interviewers for one applicant can range from 1-3 max.
     The interview is all RP wise and the questions includes:
     Personal basic interview questions, how old are you and what's your name etc.
     RP question about the applicants background and whats he/she was doing in America. This is a key question in which to evaluate the applicant.
     Questions on what can the applicant offer to the Embassy.
     Questions about the Cuban Liberation Organization.
     Basic questions about Cuban history and the movement.
     Other questions to be prepared by the interviewer.

    Please do note that the Cuban Embassy is in no way associated with the infamous Cuban Liberation Organisation, nor do you get to be one by applying to be an immigrant.
    Any requests to join CLO will get you kicked out of the group.


      Apply for Cuban Citizenship
    To apply for Citizenship for you and your family into Cuba, first read these rules below to be sure you qualify for Citizenship, then visit the link at the bottom of the page.

    Rules regarding Cuban Embassy Applications [subject to change]

    • You cannot be a member of the current Government. Past members of the US Government can still apply to become a Cuban citizen, but this must be included in your application.
    • You cannot be a member of the Desert Eagles. Past members of the Desert Eagles can still apply to become a Cuban citizen, but this must be included in your application.
    • You cannot be a member of the Military Civilian Components. Past members of the Military Civilian Components can still apply to become a Cuban citizen, but this must be included in your application.
    • Any police force members of any type of employment, whether FBI, SWAT, SAI, PC etc can't apply as they fall under the same family tree as the Government. Past members of these organizations can still apply to become a Cuban citizen, but this must be included in your application.

    Please visit this web page to apply for Cuban Citizenship, and a better future.


    On behalf of the Cuban Government, the Cuban Embassy and Cuba,

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    Well.. Great.

    Another thing making criminal life more interesting. When do we cops get something? >_>

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