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  • SAHA - Updated Taxes and Ceiling Prices

    , posted by: Ardron 25 comments

    Ladies and Gentlemen of SAES.


    Today @Joe and I worked out a new taxing system on all personal properties. Personal properties are properties sold by auction on the SAHA forums by the properties owner. The system of tax on inactive auctions (property max price - sale price = tax) will remain the same.

    This new tax system sets out to incentivise property owners to sell their properties. We will now tax how much the property is sold for, not how much the property is worth. This means the astronomical tax rate on the 0-500k properties that went up to 10m or more will no longer be taxed the same as a 500k property that got sold for 200k. We have also changed the ceiling prices of all properties that you can read about in the next section.

    The new tax rates are as follows:

    Properties sold for under $750,001 will be taxed @ 30% (This includes properties sold for $750,000)

    Properties sold for between $750,000 and $1,500,001 will be taxed @ 25%

    Properties sold for between $1,500,000 and $3,000,001 will be taxed @ 20%

    Properties sold for between $3,000,000 and $5,000,001 will be taxed @ 15%

    Properties sold for over $5,000,000 will be taxed @ 10%


    Ceiling Prices:

    Furthermore from above, @Joe and I worked out a new ratio for ceiling prices.

    A ceiling price is the absolute most amount of money a property can be sold for. Properties can ONLY be sold for above their max price in game if the auction takes place on the SAHA forum under SAHA rules. As per usual any player found selling their property above the max price of the icon in game will lose all of their properties and money.

    The new ceiling rates are as follows:

    Properties with a max price under $750,001 will have a ceiling price of Unlimited. (This includes properties sold for $750,000)

    Properties with a max price between $750,000 and $1,500,001 will have a ceiling price of 1000%.

    Properties with a max price between $1,500,000 and $3,000,001 will have a ceiling price of 800%.

    Properties with a max price between $3,000,000 and $5,000,001 will have a ceiling price of 600%.

    Properties with a max price over $5,000,000 will have a ceiling price of 500%.



    Example #1


    Under the new rates this property would have the following;

    Ceiling: Unlimited

    Tax Rate: If sold for $750,000 the tax rate would be 30%. This means $225,000 would be taken from the owner as tax if this was purchase through a personal auction.


    Example #2



    Ceiling: 1000% which works out as $7,500,010

    Tax Rate: Again this depends on the eventual sale price. If this property sold as it is now for $750,000 it would be taxed at 30%. If this property sold at its ceiling price of 7.5 million it would be taxed at 10%.


    Example #3


    Ceiling: The ceiling rate of this property is 600%. The ceiling price is therefore $30,000,000.

    Tax Rate: This property, if sold at max price, would be taxed at 10%. If it was sold for exactly $5,000,000 it would be taxed at 15%.





    25 comments on this article

    I hope that the lower taxes will also make people use the forum auctions more and that illegal in-game overpriced sales are discouraged.

    You may should have noted down that this is about auctions, I thought this was about the taxes you pay daily for a property at first

    Can you make table like teddy did for ceilling price



    For players can calculate ceilling price easily

    the SAHA calculator found HERE should be up to date also to help you through the changes

    A table will be provided once I am home

    PLEASE NOTE: All taxes should be paid to officerraven

    I still think housing is shit. This is not about who has more money but who gets first to the house icon and keeps it for years. 100% of the houses are occuped due to the over-population of the server, there are more players than properties that can be sold. I wished for a revaluation of the price of all properties. Anyone can make easy money in the server and go buy a house or pay taxes. No one's gonna lose their shit unless they go inactive, that is not really fair for both old and new players. Don't hate me for saying it.

    What would you suggest to change this combine? 

    We've adjusted the limits so people can now sell their properties for more than they could before, we're trying to encourage selling.

    Anyone on the server can get a house. I've listed over 50 icons for public sale since joining SAHA from nobody bidding on them. Theres always auctions on the forums that fail to get any bids. 

    I went back 1 year on your posts and you haven't attempted to win a single auction and yet you claim that all houses are occupied and nobody can get one.

    Doesn't really make sense. 

    I guarantee any player that wants a house can get a house, very easily. 


    The whole system fuckin blows now.

    It was much better back in the day when i could sell my property when and where i wanted. The involvement of a group to "take control" of the housing ruined it imo. The only properties for sale are shit places no one wants. 

    Its weird how half the game is super realistic, ie the government and this housing shit. Yet i can go make a 700 tire monster truck with large hotdogs sticking out of the side. 

    I think its more fun to put the control of things back to the players and stop taking control of shit and making people jump through hoops to make a change 

    Like when Joe made SAM, and for a long time you couldnt spawn medic anymore unless you kissed his Irish ass to be in his group. 

    Fuck you, fuck controling aspects of the game, fuck Joe, fuck SAM, fuck you real estate people, fuck your fake taxes,fuck Billionaire and his fake government no one cares about, fuck you again.

    I havnt bought a house in a long time or sold one cuz its a pain in the cunt now. Go to the forums and put in a fuckin screen shot of the house and have an online auction. Give the control back to the players and abolish this shitty real estate group SAHA...

    Ok im done, 

    Love Boston

    where do you guys find the topic pictures from they always look super HD

    for the first time i agree with Boston that control of housing should be given to people, only thing i dont agree with Boston is that part where he says 'fuck Billionaire'

    and yh btw this new system makes poor people pay 30% tax and rich people pay 10% which is BS.

    'People wake up and Bring back control of properties back to people.'

    EVERYONE pays less tax now. Pay some attention before ranting like an spanner. 

    As much as I think SAHA is a waste of time this is in theory giving control to the players in terms of buying and selling, as it works much like a real housing estate would. Not entirely accurate but the principle is there at least.

    The only real issue is people don't want to sell their good properties and in my opinion it's because the ceiling price system is the wrong way round. With the way it works now, a shed can technically be sold for more than a mansion, and also in theory be taxed more if sold for a high amount (like a GT property might be)... I see no sense it that. Mansions should be sold for an unlimited price and small properties should have a cap, for the sake of realism. Personally I think you would see more sexual properties on the market and less shitty ones. 

    i had a bad opinion on SAHA like 'Jay' but i got 6 dislikes and he got 3 likes.

    Conclusion: Some People are 'Braindead'  :p

    Jay structured his answer, gave his opinion and suggested a change.

    As per usual you just spouted shite.

    @Billionaire I don't sit here and complain for the sake of it. I say why i don't like something, the reason why I don't like said thing and also offer a suggestion to improve as well. You on the other hand sound like a whiny 12 year old trying to get more zealous fucktards to follow you.

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