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  • SAES is 13 years old!

    , posted by: Vinnie 44 comments

    A few days ago was our 13th anniversary but HQ can't be fucked to make a news article so i'm doing one a few days later.

    Thanks to all the staff members who keep making SAES run after all this time and special thanks to the community for keeping us active even after 13 years.

    Hopefully next year will be even bigger and better "Katla, 2.0 "cough" "cough" :B" and lets keep trucking.

    44 comments on this article

    Being a part of SAES for over 6 years, i feel blessed to be part of this special community.

    A very happy 13th Anniversary of SAES :)

    Happy birthday,i hope it will stand strong for many years!

    A happy 13th anniversary saes!

    happy birthday SAES I blame @Kenny for not making the post

    I blame kenny for a lot of things, terrorism especially.


    13 years and my best moment still had to do with Kenny


    hey guess what?


    We are no longer on the clock :wink:

    Saes is older than Kennys abuse victims! 

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