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  • New Gang Manager

    , posted by: Bone 38 comments

    Hey guys!

    With the low number of GM that we recently occurred, we decided to open a internal recruitment and invite 2 new GM members to our team.
    We welcome back @Sam to the GangManagers team!
    The second GM member will be announced shortly start twisting your nipples!

     We're sure that @Sam will assist you in any gang related issues you have, feel free to PM him for anything!

    - Bone


    38 comments on this article

    Nice to see you back in business Samy gz


    /me got cancer while waiting for results.

    Well, your cancer will have to wait due results being late cause we are revamping the requirements and rewards :)

    Because you touch yourself at night Rainer.. That's why.

    Then 3 days later Sam goes inactive.


    @Sam everyone do it, I'm not even mad or dissapointed. It only depends how you touch yourself (I brought myself portable fake vagina, very nice, feels like a real one) 

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