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      Promotions & Community Staff Recruitment

      , posted by: Shaun
      Hi All, On behalf of SAES HQ and the rest of the clan, I'd like to welcome the following as probationary SAES members: @Mohd @Piem11 @Nemesis. Obviously this leaves quite a gap in the staff roster, so we'll be opening up recruitment for new Community Staff members as well! If this is something you feel you'd be interested in, you can apply here: http://saesrpg.uk/cs_application Applications should be submitted no later than a

      The admin of year 2017 is...

      , posted by: Sir Cheese
      You have voted and we have a clear winner in the Admin of the year 2017. This year the title goes to @Arse. For all that @Arse has done to us we have decided to give him a decent lump of the donation money for him to go to Finland (That shit is expensive, yo). Merry Christmas!

      SAHA - Updated Taxes and Ceiling Prices

      , posted by: Ardron
      Ladies and Gentlemen of SAES. Taxes: Today @Joe and I worked out a new taxing system on all personal properties. Personal properties are properties sold by auction on the SAHA forums by the properties owner. The system of tax on inactive auctions (property max price - sale price = tax) will remain the same. This new tax system sets out to incentivise property owners to sell their properties. We will now tax how much the pr

      SAES is 13 years old!

      , posted by: Vinnie
      A few days ago was our 13th anniversary but HQ can't be fucked to make a news article so i'm doing one a few days later. Thanks to all the staff members who keep making SAES run after all this time and special thanks to the community for keeping us active even after 13 years. Hopefully next year will be even bigger and better "Katla, 2.0 "cough" "cough" :B" and lets keep trucking.

      Come get yourself spooked! ~ Desert Eagles Recruiment 2016

      , posted by: Bunny / Weeb fag
      Desert Eagles Recruitment Assault orientated! The recruitment will be taking place on Saturday the 29th of October, 2016 at:18:00 server time. Check server time in game, it is GTA time Admin messages will be made during and a few minutes before the recruitment to give you further instructions. We suggest you come no more, but no less than 15 minutes in advance. Anyone arriving late will NOT be able to join the recruitment. You sho

      New HQ leader

      , posted by: Lance
      I've asked Tombaa to replace my seat on active HQ, he's from Finland and likes long walks on the beach and hopes for world peace. He is now the guy you PM if something bothers you or you just need to talk to someone about your personal life. I've set myself to the senior HQ and can now grow old, bitter and harrass members. Oi oi oi.

      Welcome aboard the GM team!

      , posted by: Bone
      We welcome @ESO inside the Gang Management team! Feel free to spam his inbox with questions about your G/S/C/G also he's a live wikipedia based on camel anatomy knowledge.   Also @ESO will be doing a contest of best drawn skills! Here's your plain example winner gets $10,000,000 rewarded in his G/S/C organisation

      Updates on Unrestricted DM zone!

      , posted by: Bone
      hey there! Some of you might seen the update comming by this evening. We replaced the previous map with a new one! In every big city (LS,LV,SF) you can find 2 of these blue skull icons ( ) these mark the entry for the Unrestricted DM zone! Once you reach the ( )  you'll see a pink marker   At the counter you'll meet Henk the salesman he sells tickets for $500 each   Once you paid your e

      Welcome aboard the GM team!

      , posted by: Bone
      Hey guys, We welcome @_Jay inside the Gang Management team! we're sure that @_Jay will assist you in any G/S/C related issues, he even does specialty's such as cleaning the CLO toilets! The last new GM member will be announced shortly so yet again hold your nipples tight!

      New Gang Manager

      , posted by: Bone
      Hey guys! With the low number of GM that we recently occurred, we decided to open a internal recruitment and invite 2 new GM members to our team. We welcome back @Sam to the GangManagers team! The second GM member will be announced shortly start twisting your nipples!  We're sure that @Sam will assist you in any gang related issues you have, feel free to PM him for anything! - Bone

      The Cuban Embassy is here - Apply now!

      , posted by: Jay
      After a long meeting with the Cuban Government officials, the leaders of Cuba have decided to tip their toes back into San Andreas, believing that the country is safe enough for the Cuban Ambassador and government officials to arrive to San Fierro. The Cuban Government has sent an ambassador to San Andreas to uphold, or if possible, improve the relationship between Cuba and the United States. One of the missions of the newly app

      Announcement: Elections 2016

      , posted by: Henry
      Dear citizens of San Andreas,  We are proud to announce that elections will be celebrated 13rd March 2016 and will be, hopefully, a date to be remembered. All the citizens of San Andreas are welcome to place one vote for the candidate they support in whatever Congressional Disctrict they are living at. To sumarize the working of the elections we would like to clarify the victory is given to the one with the majority of votes. Candidates may r

      Support Minions

      , posted by: Sir Cheese
      We have now enabled live support on our system which can be requested under "More" menu or on the bottom of the page. This live support chat should only be used if you need support of an administrator and not for simple things. If the system is offline while you trying to connect to it, that means none of our minions are currently working on the chat.

      Ban Amnesty

      , posted by: Lance
      Important: Today or early tomorrow we're going to reset our banlist which means that our 1760 long list will be deleted. Everyone will be given a second chance to join SAES and play our services. Why? After digging through or list and discovering that 98% of our bans are for a petty crimes we've decided that we should give everyone a second chance. Let's see what happens So expect to see some old faces, we sure hope they will behave! P.S som

      Online Events, Get Ready!

      , posted by: Sir Cheese
      We have today activated the online events tab, so keep an eye on it once in a while. Events will be posted there and won't be posted anywhere else. Hopefully this will bring it more clear to users when events are going on. You can also confirm your attendance there, if the event requires it. We hope to get this going and do accept certain events to be posted there by the community members as-well, but you will need to ask a SAES member or a CS m