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    Things filtering through....

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hello! Thanks again for your patience, we are working hard to try and get your old features put back through onto the website, however it won't happen 'overnight'. I have managed to work on a password recovery class that Kasimir created years ago and managed to update and implement it into the new website. It can be found in the 'More' tab on the website's navigation bar called 'Recovery Ingame Password' We will keep you informed of any more d

    Welcome to our new Website

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hello! Thanks for your patience, the new website is now back up and running!  Please find a message from our resident clan founder, RonSeal! Please note: Ingame Password Recovery and Donation Vehicle modifcations are currently being worked on, so you wont be able to access them for a few days. Some features might not work as expected and are being worked on. New features are coming and a mobile friendly responsive design to this is on the oven.

    Desert Eagles Recruitment

    , posted by: Sir Cheese
    "Don't you forget that you're a DE member ! Not all the  cuban communists in Hell can overrun you!" -- Major General Bmaster , erskin in reference to the Battle Of Las Venturas. After discussing it with the rest of the Desert Eagles command[DEHQ] , it has been decided that the Desert Eagles will be looking for new recruits in order to improve its size and help us in our constant/never ending and challenging battles against country enemies, in