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    Forum Software Change

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hello, This is to inform everyone that we intend to move to our new forum software on 1st June 2018. Unfortunately due to technical issues, we will unable to migrate your data from the current forum, which will be made into an 'archive' site, so you can still access the data as 'read-only'. If you have a 'gang/group' forum, please ask an admin to create it on the test site (http://test.saesrpg.uk/) and you can move your 'topics

    Forum Testing

    , posted by: Brophy
    We would like to test a different forum software to something easier to maintain with security updates (especially when it comes to using modifications) as its open source and free, and something more responsive than this aging software which is pretty slow. If you are interested, try and it out and give us some feedback. Try moving some of your topics or creating new ones etc... Please leave your feedback at the test forum. You

    Server Maintenance - All Services

    , posted by: Brophy
    All our services will be going offline on Monday 16th April 2018 at 9:00am (BST) for an undetermined amount of time. We have essential maintenance that requires everything to be shutdown while the work is being carried out. You can however still join Discord and wait it out there: https://discord.gg/NDTsnHE

    Changes to Auctions

    , posted by: Shaun
    SAHA will be dropping all support for forum auctions as of today. This means all rules relating to forum auctions have been removed. The forum will instead be used as advertising space, to receive maximum exposure for any properties you intend to auction ingame. To summarise: 1) We will not monitor bids or chase buyers once the auction is over. 2) Bids will be made directly to the owner. You are no longer required to post them.

    KATLA Dev Diary #6

    , posted by: NanoBob
    We’ve been hard at work developing new features for KATLA. And since it has been a while since we wrote a news update I figured I’d do one now since we have some things to show.   Finance Transactions The first addition is a transaction log, as a player you can see what you gain income from, and what you spend money on. But so can organizations. This means you can easily keep track of your money, and get som

    New SAHA Members

    , posted by: Shaun
    Hi! As mentioned previously, we planned to bring in another few SAHA members to fill in the gaps left by recent promotions.  As of yesterday, we invited @Tut Greco to the team, in addition to @Hesha & @nicus. from the recent staff intake! Please give them a warm welcome and spam them with any housing requests you may have from now on!

    New Staff Members

    , posted by: Shaun
    Evening all, Thank you to those who expressed an interest in joining the Community Staff team this time around. After some discussion, we have come to the decision to accept the following applicants. Please join me in welcoming @Human_ @nicus. @ProNuBs @zeking @Toreno @Hesha to the team! This leaves quite a gap in the SAHA roster, so expect an announcement to follow on that shortly as well.... Congratulations to the

    Change your password ASAP

    , posted by: NanoBob
    Sadly I have to inform you all that all ouf our ingame resources, and our database of the current ingame server has been leaked. We are currently investigating the source of this leak, and will do anything we can to prevent it from happening again in the future. The reason I inform you all of this is because of the leak of the database. Your passwords are stored in the database hashed and salted (What is salting and hashing?), however

    Welcome, roleplayers!

    , posted by: Henry
    Hello! We have 2 great annoucement for the community of roleplayers of the server:  1.Fort Carson RP project We have been running this project for a while to test how it worked, now I'm glad to make it official and release it to public in this way.  Fort Carson RP project will make you able to get a completely new experience in the game where you will be able to do things your own way, you'll have to face new challen

    Promotions & Community Staff Recruitment

    , posted by: Shaun
    Hi All, On behalf of SAES HQ and the rest of the clan, I'd like to welcome the following as probationary SAES members: @Mohd @Piem11 @Nemesis. Obviously this leaves quite a gap in the staff roster, so we'll be opening up recruitment for new Community Staff members as well! If this is something you feel you'd be interested in, you can apply here: http://saesrpg.uk/cs_application Applications should be submitted no later than a