Jun 1, posted by:
We are currently developing the donation system, similar to the functionality of the one we had on the old forum. Until the new system has been released, please use the link below to donate CLICK HERE MENS! Once you have donated, please post a dona...

New MTA server: SAES:PUBG is now a thing!

Jun 1, posted by:
*Re-post from We're happy to present you with the results of our pre-alpha project which has been on and off last week: SAES:PUBG! We have decided to launch a new MTA server besides RvB, running the popula...

Forum move.

Apr 30, posted by:
Hello, This is to inform everyone that we intend to move to this forum software on 1st June 2018. Unfortunately due to technical issues, we will unable to migrate your data from the current forum, which will be made into an 'archive' site, so you can still access the data as 'read-only'. You will also need to create a new user here too. If you have a 'gang/group' forum, please ask an admin to crea...

Test Site

Apr 26, posted by:
Testing announcements!