• In-game name:* Skerdi

    Account name: skerdi

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Country of residency: Albania

    From how long are you playing SAES: Around 4-5 years

    Since when are you playing GTA:SA Since I was a child, 6 year old was my first time playing it

    How well do you speak English?: I would rate my english 8 in a scale of 10.

    What all languages can you speak other than English?: Albanian

    Tell us something about yourself: There is not much to tell I am an 17 year old boy who enjoys playing games and life. I enjoy roleplaying and creating up stories.

    List few of your strengths and weaknesses: As an human being I have many strengths and weaknesses, I think I am a good listener and roleplayer, able to do work and always ready, I would say that sometimes I dont concretate enough, but I am trying to change on that.

    Are you in any group If yes, Name them and also name your previous groups and reason to leave them: Yes I am part of Cunning Stunts, Kool times news, Cartel el Muertos.

    Have you been ban or warned by any admin in the last 1 year if yes, Explain Why? In the last 1 year nope.

    Why do you want to join Cluckin' Bell?: I want to join Clucking bell because I want to do something for the group and host many activties.

    What can you offer Cluckin' bell?: To clucking bell I can offer my experience team-working skills roleplay and activity

    What do you expect in return from Cluckin' Bell? I only expect quality activities and friendships.

    Do you agree to follow all the F1 rules and Cluckin' Bell rules?: Yes I do

    Who are Cluckin' bell's founders?: Tapi and Rainy

    What is Cluckin' bell's Motto?: Eat till you say, "No please".

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  • alt text
    Event type: True or False
    Event price: 1.000.000$
    LWS\G6: @Filippo
    Event winner: Fattie
    Event screen: https://imgur.com/a/Z4PCrAw

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  • coolest bastard around is our beloved camel, egypt's bright future, @ESO

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  • alt text
    Event type: True or False
    Event price: 1.000.000$
    LWS\G6: Brondy
    Event winner: Pride
    Event screen: https://imgur.com/a/zRMEgiY

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  • @horkent exist please

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  • @adamaug
    Denied, reapply in 1 week.

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