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The Motor Heads - TMH

The Motor Heads are here to rock the San Andreas! These are Professional Racers, Mechanics as well as Dealers of Great quality yet cheap Automotive Parts and much more.

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    @Blué You're not a loyal player we've experienced that before with you also we wont be someone second choice you got denied from TT so you apply for ThC instead that's just a straight up idiotic thing to do, time for you to proove yourself Loyalty is the number one thing in this community and you don't have it so DENIED, You may apply again after 4 weeks

    alt text

    At least these people are not two faced. I hope you feel happy when i got denied. Good luck with your friends, btw better to do not make drama. Do not forget its just a game.

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    Blade is leading this gang, This gang has got a bright future. Burn the roads bois!

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