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The Motor Heads - TMH

The Motor Heads are here to rock the San Andreas! These are Professional Racers, Technicians as well as Dealers of Great quality yet cheap Automotive Parts and much more. In addition to this, TMH Institute is always at the service for Automotive training.

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    Event #3

    Event Name: Find Andre around SA

    Event Prize: $5.000.000

    LWS/G6: @nyx_

    Winner: @Buck


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    The sudden robbery!

    Demon Disciples Motorcycle Club RP #5


    As every day I woke up in the morning feeling so tired about the last night party at the bar, I prepared my coffee and then I went out of the house checking my beautiful bike, suddenly one of my best friends called ( @PewD ) called me on my phone asking me to come to the Bone County bar, he said that he needed to talk with me about an urgent thing, and he asked me to grab all my mechanics equipment for some reasons, I took my bike and started driving, after 20 minute, I was there, I parked my bike, and entered the bar, I greeted the barman and started looking around, searching for my friend, he waved at me, and then we bought a beer.

    He started talking to me about his bike, and the small accident he had yesterday when he was drunk, he said that his bike is a bit damaged and I needed to take a look on it to see if it dangerous or not, as I was a good mechanic especially at fixing bikes I accepted the work, we paid the beer and went out of the bar, after checking it, everything was alright.

    We were talking about random stuff suddenly I saw a big truck and with a reflex, I stared at the driver, suddenly it came to my mind the picture of the guy from a big mafia called Underground Empire called ( @UrBan ) who was blackmailing me when he saw me selling drugs, last month.

    I told my friend that we are going to keep following him with our bikes, he obeyed the order without asking any question, we were following him like for 15 minutes, when we finally were in a safe place, we rammed his car, and directly started aiming at him.

    When he came out of his car, he was holding a Deagle, we started warning him if he doesn't throw that gun from his hand, we'll shoot, he obeyed the order, we started talking about how it was funny to find him here by himself and all this stuff, suddenly my friend told me to check what he was delivering, I went to the trunk and started opening the boxes, I was so surprised when I knew that he was delivering drugs, so I told him to keep following us without doing any dumb move, we searched him and all his car, we took his gun and we threw his phone on the river and then we started driving to an unknown place

    When we were there, we took him out of his car, we started beating him so hard, after that I shot him on his head, after that, I parked my bike in a safe place and started driving the truck to my small warehouse.

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