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Taxi El Centrino

Taxi El Centrino is a group of experienced cab drivers and we're the most dominant taxi group in San Andreas.

From A to B, we drive you there fucking lively


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    National Narcotic Bureau - Training - 15.02.2019

    NNB Members:

    • [NNB]Venom<NA>

    • [NNB]Berker<ASAC>

    • [NNB]Stay<ASAC>

    • [NNB]Lincoln<NA>

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    Training Description:

    The National Narcotic Bureau managed to recruit 2 new potential agents, and therefore we decided to give them a driving training today. Once the 2 recruits: Lincoln and Venom arrived, we Immediately started the training.

    The training consisted of 3 parts.

    During the first part, both new agents were assigned to an Elder agent. The Idea was, that the Elders gave tips to the new agents during their race to the Mount Chillaid. Both Agents did a good job, however, they didn't manage to reach the top of the Mountain, without damage. But we can work on that. During the second part, we made those new agents drive from our HeadQuarters to the Las Venturas Airport, but with flat tires. This one was less Successful, however, they both managed to get there with less decent time indeed. Finally, at the last, the two agents had to practice how to chase down a criminal who is on the run by car. The two agents did a good job. They were actually already aware of the secret tactic which was team-working. They eventually managed to chase him down.


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    • Those DE/DEN wannabes who are part of any criminal organization or criminal gang will have a harder time to join

    and swat have a easier time to join ! ☺

    Sadly 99.9% of SWAT are already DE so no.

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