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  • RE: DZTG |DZ Terrorist Group

    -Part 1-Personal information:

    -Nickname: FoxZilla
    -AccountName: mertt
    -Real Name: Mert
    -Age: 15
    -Nationality: Turkish
    -Primary Language: Turkish
    -Your english skills: 7/10

    -Part 2-Your playtime in MTA|SAES:

    -How long have you been playing MTA: 8 years
    -How long have you been playing on SAES: 8 years
    -How many hours do you play in day: 2-3 hours

    -Previous gang/squads?: Mi-6 BBMC TST GJMC FF Nomad ICE SAPA VLA

    -currently gang/squads?: BBMC
    -previous gang/squad/groups: Mi-6 BBMC TST GJMC FF Nomad ICE SAPA VLA

    -Part 3-Questions:

    -Describe Roleplay: Role play is the act of imitating the character and behaviour of someone who is different from yourself, for example as a training exercise.
    Group members have to communicate with each other through role-play.
    -What does mean DM: Killing innocent people.
    -Strengths: Using M4,Combalt Shootgun
    -Weaknesses: I am not good at snip running people

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  • RE: [Tutorial] Usage of the radio

    @denox said in [Tutorial] Usage of the radio:

    This is a good one, but I do think that the best one is, it has all of the songs already converterd, you can download them and copy the live link aswell. Just right click on Download button and press "Copy URL or link" then paste it into the radio like Gohan did. Easy.

    It has to be an MP3 url, copying like that, without uploading will give you most likely a stream error.

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  • [Tutorial] Usage of the radio

    NOTE: I had to cut out step 1,2,3 so you gotta manage getting an MP3 file of your song on your own way, if you've done that continue with the steps from the video below.
    Approved by Brophy.

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  • RE: Post your rap lyrics here!

    Bitch I'm not in the mood
    Valentino is on my shoes
    You're real ass pussy, you fool
    Hundred bands in a Bentley coupe
    Bitch I'm not in the mood
    Valentino is on my shoes
    You're real ass pussy, you fool
    Hundred bands in a Bentley coupe

    Yeah, bitch I ball like the lakers, huh
    Hoe gimme head like a twister, huh
    GTA calling Lester, huh
    Taking your bitch, I'ma fist her, huh
    Supreme on my keychain
    Batman just like Bruce Wayne
    Balmains on my jeans
    Bitch, what you gotta say?
    We are 'bout to do driveby in a Wraith
    Yeah bitch, I'ma get the money
    Cause I'm motherfuckin' bowling
    Ain't got no time cause the plug is callin'
    I been going crazy, cause I pop a lotta molly
    Driving cars, ouuh
    Just like mario, yuh
    That bitch acting stupid
    She's a ugly hoe
    She's a petty hoe
    But she thick as fuck
    Put henny bottle up in her ass like a mop
    While she's sucking on my cock (cock)

    Made by my friend ( i got permission to post it ) 😉

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  • RE: Cluckin' Bell

    Application for Cluckin' Bell

    **In-game name:**Script

    **Account name:**Script100

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Country of residency: Estonia

    From how long are you playing SAES: I have been on SAES over 2months.

    Since when are you playing GTA:SA I’m playing GTA:SA since 2016

    How well do you speak English?: On scale from 1-10 i’d say its a good 7

    What all languages can you speak other than English?: Estonia, Finnish, Russia and Swedish

    Tell us about something about yourself: My name is Adam i live with my parents in a 2 story house. On my free time i like to play videogames and sometimes go to the gym.

    List few of your strengths and weaknesses: My strengths are being polite and friendly and my weaknesses are being a pilot.

    Are you in any group If yes, Name them and also name your previous groups and reason to leave them: I’m in DZTG

    Have you been ban or warned by any admin in the last 1 year if yes, Explain Why? I haven’t been warned or banned by a Admin in the last 1 year.

    Why do you want to join Cluckin' Bell?: i would like to join this group because it seems fun and “chill” to hang around host events and just sell some goodies around SA.

    What can you offer Cluckin' bell?: I can offer my loyalty and also i would be good in food delivery’s.

    What do you expect in return from Cluckin' Bell? I expect that Cluckin Bell will grow bigger and get me some new friends.

    Do you agree to follow all the F1 rules and Cluckin' Bell rules?: I do agree with the F1 and Clucin Bells rules.

    Who are Cluckin' bell's founders?: Cluckin bells founders are @Tapi and @Rainy

    **What is Cluckin' bell's Motto?:**Cluckin bells motto is Eat till you say “No Please”

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