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    Event:Boxing all vs all
    Prize: 2,000,000
    Hoster: Arms Assassins
    Helper Lws/G6: Zombie
    Screens :https://imgur.com/a/xOOtOeV

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    Roleplay #347 - The high value file
    Story: Last Week, i’ve heard that the local police sent someone to spy us and he was collecting informations about our gang and following us to know every secret deals and work we’ve been doing since a long time and the board of directors were afraid that our work will be exposed to the cops and the goverement and we might risk to lose everything we’ve done, And yesterday our High Council decieded to gather us in a meeting and he told us that the file who contained the information is being guarded in a millitary’s ship full of secuirty guards and coast guards, I knew that moment we had no time to waste so i decieded to call one of the most known robber who have been doing burlgaries for more than five years and he is a professoinel hacker who is capable to shut down the security system of any house or building His name was ‘Josh’ , So i had no choice and i called him to meet us in our base so i can tell him what should he do and the possible risks that can happens, I’ve opened the map for him and i told him about the boat’s location and direction and the amount of armed security guards and the exact place of the wanted file.
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    Without hestiating and losing time, Josh brought his laptop with him and he asked me to drove him near, It took him approximitely 30 minutes to launch the program and shut down the security system in the boat after finishing the first steps of the task he jumped into the sea and he started swimming to reach the boat the security guards didn’t notice him at all they were all in panic and most of them were figuring out the problem and one of them started calling the emergency cause he saw an unknown blip in the radar at that moment i knew that he might get caught so i took my personal boat and i stayed near waiting for him to jump down after five minutes of searching he found the high value file and he was making sure there is no other copy for it we’ve been looking for since a week, After taking out the file Mr.Josh started looking around and he was chocked to see the sea full of police marines.
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    i’ve started whispering and calling him him to jump down from the boat down after taking everything we drove away quickly from that boat before we get caught, When i informed my directors about the mission we did they were glad and were thanking us and they rewarded the criminal who helped us in this insane mission we burned that file to make sure it’s not recovered by the police or they will know that it was one of us who did that.
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