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San Andreas Interceptors

San Andreas Interceptors is a specialized State Police unit. Enforcing laws on the Highways and Interstates of San Andreas.

  • Hi there, @LAPD_Spanish_VEN

    Vice City isn't implemented yet with the live version of SAES.
    It's in beta stage at the moment. Nobody got access to it, except beta testers (who donated between a time periode), staff and admins.

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    Demon Disciples Motorcycle Club RP #6

    @Lincoln said in The Company™ | Activity Feed:

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    New Business Partners Part 1

    Participants : Demons Disciples MC #413

    Everyone was recently talking about a new Outlaw Motorcycle club, called Demon Disciples and their top quality guns. Somehow they managed to get hold, on the newest weapons of the Department of Defense. I was impressed and curious at the same time. So I decided to reach out to them. After a few attempts, I finally managed to contact their President. He was a well known ruthless criminal mastermind called ‘Gangster’. We’ve decided to meet up at their bar in Bone Country, for further discussions. As I agreed, I immediately prepared and went on my way together with a trusted member of ours. It was a long ride, all the way from Tierra Robada to Bone Country, But something was telling me it was worth it. After the long ride, we eventually arrived at their bar, where they were expecting us already.

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    The Outlaw Bikers, brought me to their leader once we arrived. As I already expected, he immediately came down to business. I told them about our Organization, and it’s a purpose, and our strong connections with the government. I knew one of his Sergeant at arms was recently arrested, so I named it in the hope to get his attention. And indeed, I managed to get his attention.

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    I told him, we were capable of getting his man out of prison, but of course not for free. They outlaw biker understood, give a little, take a little was the rule. So I told them about our plan to expand our territory, but the enemy was powerful and we could use some of the weapons, they robbed from the DoD. Without hesitating, he agreed. I noted his phone number, and I would reach out once everything was ready. To be Continued...

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    Event #4

    Event Name: Chicken Shooter

    Event Prize: 1.000.000$

    LWS Helper: @Duracell

    Winner: @Mellow

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    National Narcotics Bureau Event: 19-01-2019

    Event Type: Maverick Destruction Derby
    Prize: $2.000.000
    Winner(s): [CDC]Fad
    Helper(s)(LWS/G6): Stay
    Location: Maverick Destruction arena created by Stay

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