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  • Hola,

    Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you will have noticed the ongoing staff recruitment with applications gradually being answered over the period of a week. It's also no secret that this has been a particularly large recruitment which will hopefully keep the server administrated to a good standard over a long period!
    So without further adieu,

    Congratulations to the following new CS:

    @DROT @Licano @Sam_ @Julio @bachwa @xTrade

    And congratulations to the following new SAHA:

    @Crash @Brazz @Terry @Note

    Try not to abuse them too much!

    Below Above you'll also see a poll for some quick feedback on this recruitment. Basically do you prefer it how I did this recruitment with individual responses or copy/paste. Ofc individual responses takes much longer so pls vote for next time.


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