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  • @Crash said in ICE Problems & General problems!! (Read it):

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    I get what you mean, but you can't judge the entire squad on one RP you saw. I actually did a RP with ICE when I was still active ingame and it turned out very well. Of course, they have their flaws and are not the best in the world, but to say that every RP that they do is low quality is not fair in my opinion.
    Also, Sam, I get that the server is not a full RP server, but as a squad leader you should find role play important, my advice to you is to improve on that part and most likely a lot of people will start to like ICE more. Make RPs that fit ICE, you have one of the most unique roles in the server, use it!

    Sure Roleplay is needed ofc but not important. We are like SWAT i never saw from 1 Swat member 1 Rp in my time in this server.

    SWAT Is contantly Roleplaying we hunt down high risk criminals sooo how can you not see SWAT RP?

    yeah... right

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  • I agree with some of the points @ODAKAB made. ICE "problems" as you decided to call them are mostly in bad attitude. As a long term player, I like ICE giving chances to new players and teaching (in their way) things so they know what to do in the future if they stay in the server.
    But, since you ( @Sam ) & James are the leaders, everything you do, will be in the future done by the people who follow your lead. Now, your behaviour sometimes is ridiculous. I'll never forget the time I was handling a report, I warped inside the jail to talk with the guy who did the rulebreak, casually in the same time I was doing that, you and James were stopping a jailbreak, so you got killed and blamed me for warping the criminal inside so he could kill you. After a lot of minutes of arguing with me I told you I didn't have enough time to deal with you, so you started insulting me, got muted and then threatened to report me on forums.
    And I am not the only one who had encounters similar to those with you. Besides, I could name a full list of times you threaten people of reporting them while they did not actually rulebreak. At the end, it just seems like you're taking the game way too serious and not enjoying it.
    As Joe and others said, it is better for you if you solve things in private, instead of making these threads so people can make fun of yourselves and get to know your problems.
    Edit: Accepting some constructive criticism is worth a try too.
    Edit 2: Forgot the most important
    AA 😛

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  • Best thing all you ICE members can do now, is to stop responding to everyone and get this topic locked. ICE’s reputation is already damaged. No need to make it worse...?

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  • I think, ironically, you bring ICE's issues to light more than anyone.

    I truly believe the majority of the server would not be aware of the adminjails, or the internal issues within ICE, if you did not make a new topic every time one of them happens.

    For instance, when I adminjailed your member. He was clearly breaking the rules, it was only a 20 star jail, I didn't even report it to the GM's.

    By him making a false report against me, and you making this topic, you have ensured that every member of the server, high and low, is aware your member was jailed for deathmatching.

    The better thing would of been to wait the 200 seconds in jail, and ensure it doesn't happen again.

    Instead.. we have this.

    You've made it worse, and you're blaming everyone else.

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