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  • Ingame name: Pancy
    Account name: maxwer
    Age: 19
    Native language: Turkish
    Additional languages: English
    Availability on a scale from 1 to 10 (how much you are generally able to play, 10 is every day): 8 ( It depends on my education life)

    Skill evaluation
    English language (0/10): 8
    Roleplaying skill (0/10): 8
    Driving skill (0/10): 9
    Strengths: Always ready to RP and good at making radical decisions in the needed time. I can be very guiding to the people I work with.
    Weaknesses: If I have other things on my mind in real life during a certain time; I might not wanna take big responsibilities.

    Previous organizations you associated with: RDMC, BS, ThC
    Criminal history: I have a pretty big history there, don't let my in-game hours fool you, I went inactive and came back multiple times, I started playing in 2011, I was just an 11-year-old kid at the time and did not know English almost at all. Over the years I improved my self and the reason I can now speak English is definitely thanks to MTA. One of my first gangs; Rebels MC was a big gang back in the day and I was a part of it. 8 years later it is back! With some of the original members active again as well which led me to leave my previous gang - where I was a member for more than a year- as an honorary member (ThC) to join and help Rebels MC. Currently, we are climbing our way up to the top and we are the most potent MC around.
    Current organizations: Rebels MC

    Why do you want to join Global Trust? (Less than 500 please and read -> (Spoiler -> #1))

    I just heard about it today and seen that Global Trust consists of friendly people that I loved to roleplay with. That led me to check the topic out to see how promising Global Trust was. After going through the topic I decided to be a part of this organization using whatever skill I have to help and get involved in anything to rise Global Trust to where it deserves to be.

    And to rise Global Trust to the very top, I have certain skill sets which - I believe - will be useful in the long run.
    I don't take years to plan a Roleplay, I like on the spot RP's, I believe that roleplays should not be planned but rather ''lived''. Plus I am able to RP in almost every situation.
    Apart from RPs; I am good at getting people to work together and get them enthusiastic about a certain work. Taking harsh decisions can be hard sometimes, but I see my self as a forward-thinking person which helps me get through these certain decisions in the most 'profitable' way. If someone needs advice on anything, I am usually the go-to person.

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