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    SWAT Training (23/10/2018)
    -Tactical Shooting Traning-
    Participants: @Element @DROT @Filippo @Lemon @Access @Benny @Lightning @Swiggity
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    Part I: So we went to the base for a brief briefing before going out to practice. Then we flew to a ship in front of the San Fierro port, there was a tactical range for SWAT members. When we arrived, I divided them into groups of 2 and every group had own letter that accompanied them along the training. The targets are spread throughout the entire ship, and the rules are simple: each team member gets 15 bullets (30 bullets together) and they must hit 28 targets (only) while they are allowed to miss only 2 bullets and they have to hit the targets in less than a minute and a half. All of the teams made the tactical range (Some are better and some are less, but of course we do it to improve and learn.), after that, we returned to the base and prepared for the next part of the training.
    alt text

    Part II: In the second part of the training, we arrived at Jeff Motel, where I divided them all into two teams. Each group had 4 members and had to be assimilated into the other team (TDM). The rules were simple: everyone should use M4, camping/rushing is allowed.

    Team A included: @Filippo @Benny @Lightning @Lemon
    Team B included @Element @DROT @Swiggity @Access

    After we started the match, the two teams settled against each other and started the gunfight. It is important to note that the two teams were very skillful and showed many abilities, after a pretty long fight Group B won the battle and the training was over.
    alt text
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/M3H7XEL
    alt text

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    Activity type: Meeting & Patroling
    Story: We've decided to have a meeting in the base, to have some discussion about the squad and some other plans. After that, we have brought our equipment, got ready and started being on patrol. We have visited some of cities, there was criminals, but of course, it was just easy for us and everything we done, was successful.
    Location: Around the San Andreas
    People who attended: @Laza - @Darius - @Turbo - @Jasper - @Ramos - @Riley
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/cuMhLGu

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