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    Jailbreak Number # 1
    Time in Jailbreak : 15 Minuts

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    Activity Number #1
    Members Online 4
    Date 16-12-2018
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  • @alexiz Thank you for your interest in joining Zeta Killers hang with members and proves that you are worth it. Under-Review
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    Yours Sincerely, Matias,

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  • Zeta Killers

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    -Group Information
    Group date creation 14/12/2018
    Discord Link ClickHere

    Color Code #8A0808
    Owners @Matias @TheCrazyCoC
    Media Archive ClickHere
    Motto Fight for equality or die in Defeat ~ Zeta Killers

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    Leader @Matias
    Vice Leader @Zodiac
    Team HQ: @TheCrazyCoC @Douglass @canserbero
    Cabo: N/A
    Soldiers: N/A
    Recruta @JaKeL @XxNetroxX @Panda_ @Spicey

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    Back Story
    Zeta Kilers, also known as the ZK, is an extreme-left insurgent war organization that operates in different areas of all of San Andreas, mostly in Los Santos, defined as Revloutionary and pro-revolutionary anti-government orientation. He has been an actor in the armed conflict in San Andreas since its formation in 1964. The Central Command, its current leadership, is made up of five members, including its current ZK chief, TheCrazyCoC, alias "The Bullets".ZK is considered a terrorist group considered by the San Andreas government,
    ZK's ideology includes the use of armed struggle to denounce and promote the solution of the social needs of the population in the face of national and international exploitation. It seeks to point out failures and injustices within a regime they do not consider democratic.
    Its condition of guerrilla in the 70's and 80's is framed within the growth of the Liberation Theology; its members consider Matias as one of its forerunners, specialist in weapons and sociologist and pioneer of this theology, within a "Revolutionary-War" interpretation. ZK received support from some Alternate Gang Members who became active FREEERS. One of them, the Aragonese TheCrazyCoC "The Bullets", commanded the group from the 1970s to the present day.
    Some sources include this organization among the members of other gangs, although it does not appear in the list of parties that make it up 13.

    ZK! It is a group where we do not tolerate that a country or a region is controlled by members who earn more money than the average person on a tax basis because Our slogan is HIGH LIFE ZK DEATH TO OPPORTUNISTS! We are not afraid of anything if there that kill indiscriminately we do justice is paid in the blood of our compatriots and we do not endorse that injustices are done, if we have to make terrorist attacks we do them if we have to kill 700 people of the government is also done because if they do not accept on the right path because there will be war and bloodshed of many,

    We are willing to attack anywhere from political leaders to public security and if there is a famous opponent to our regime because it kills is simple
    Equal? Or Death?

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    Roleplay Our role is to jailbreak kidnap arms trafficking and extortion

    How Can You Join Us?!
    Try hang with members to publish their SS on the discord server and use the following application format....

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    Application Format

    -Section 1-
    Ingame Nick
    English 1/10

    -Section 2-
    You know the server rules?
    Why should we accept it?
    Explain Zeta Killers Roleplay in your words
    Tell us about yourself (minimum 100 words)
    How you're going to benefit us?

    • Recrutamient is OPEN

    Yours Sincerely, Matias

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