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    In-game name: My nickname is Jamal.

    Account name: My username is moenesmjaid.

    Age: I'm 16 years old.

    Gender: Male.

    Country of residency: Tunisia, exact city; gabes.

    From how long are you playing SAES: 2 years ago.

    Since when are you playing GTA:SA 6 years ago.

    How well do you speak English?: Understandable.

    What all languages can you speak other than English?: Arabic and french.

    Tell us about something about yourself: Hello, i'm ghassen. I'm 16 years old boy from tunisia, i love PC games, at this young age, i have many hobbys such as football etc...

    List few of your strengths and weaknesses:

    • Strengths * : Shoting, parachuting.
    • Weaknesses * : Driving.

    Are you in any group If yes, Name them and also name your previous groups and reason to leave them: I'm currently apart of WWE and FFO, no previous groups.

    Have you been ban or warned by any admin in the last 1 year if yes, Explain Why? No, never.

    Why do you want to join Cluckin' Bell?: Well, i love playing as a pizza boy (and dming cops), and i wanna help dis group.

    What can you offer Cluckin' bell?: I can offer activity, since i'm very active.

    What do you expect in return from Cluckin' Bell?..

    Do you agree to follow all the F1 rules and Cluckin' Bell rules?: Yes, i do agree with them.

    Who are Cluckin' bell's founders?: @Tapi & @Rainy .

    What is Cluckin' bell's Motto?: Eat till you say, No please.

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    Yoo, this is dope.

    I wish you good luck mate.

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  • RE: Rebels MC

    Yo, this is dope. Even tho I am a kinda new member of the community considering that I joined in 2017. It's dope about hearing about all of these old gangs. And seeing one come back is even more dope. I've always loved all of these MC's that are organized well and they actually know what they're doing.

    Good luck, RMC.

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    Sorry haha, I posted wrong text under a wrong application. But, since I can not delete.

    I'll wish you all good luck once again.

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    hbd knk

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    @bidrift said in SpoooOOOky Desert Eagles Recruiment 2018:

    time to miss another rec due to my pc


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    نيك الفة

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