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This group is dedicated to honorary SAES members of the community that have helped SAES.


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  • We appreciate any donations which keep our server running, it's why we have managed to say around for the last 16 years..

    And its these donations which gives the people the platform to state their opinion about random bollocks, even if it is to berate a player donating to keep the server they play on running 😂

    Great logic eh?

    Unfortunately @James , opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one...

    @Sam-B has it right, we've seen big donators come and go and had things said against them, lucky the majority of them ignored the keyboard warriors / haters

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  • Unfortunately, due to an issue with some conflicting script, we couldn't do the event to the end.

    The three people who managed to kill me have been rewarded cash prizes and the mansion will be back up for grabs again once we have fixed the conflict.

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  • Located on the outskirts of Los Santos is a mansion (Madd Dogg's crib) that is going to be up for grabs!

    This mansion is owned by myself and rather than sell it to the highest bidder, I am going to be putting it up for grabs in an event taking place on Sunday 17th Feb, 19:30 GMT.

    The event will take place on the top of Mount Chilliad and the first non-saes player to kill me will win the mansion.

    However, it won't be as simple as you think......

    • Damage to myself will be reduced considerably, so it will take (longer) an immense level of firepower to kill me.
    • I will be protected by SAES clan members who will have a spawn at my location.

    This will be a DM event, so don't cry about being killed, everyone is fair game, so if you see someone trying to kill me with 30 stars, arrest them then try to claim the prize yourself!

    The only rules at the moment are:

    • The mansion can only be won by non SAES clan members.
    • No game exploits are to be used
    • Overpowered spawns such as CLO/DE are not allowed and spawns must have no protection or reduced damage against weapons (if any exist).

    alt text

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