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FOX Operations X

“Honor bound to defend freedom”
Established: 8th may of 2015.

Note: Please do not send application to join this group unless you are already member of FOX, thank you.

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  • Roleplay 09-12-'18
    We gathered at FOX base to start the briefing. Briefing explained about a group, the Company, who was active in human trafficking. Besides we only knew some locations they are active at but were not aware of any names or location.
    Together with some members of NNB, we moved to their alleged location: a warehouse in LV. There we found the men and women we were looking for and arrested them with little resistance. The detainees were then moved to FOX Headquarters in Los Santos for further interrogation.

    First, the leader of the group was interrogated. He told us, in a very resistant interrogation, that we shouldn't have wasted our time on him: 'he would be free any second'. Still, we had no identification of any of the detainees, which made us scratch our heads, how can that be?

    The leader, @Scooty, insisted on his right to make a phone call. However much we tried to prevent that, we had to give it. Who he ended up calling was even worse, it was the Senator of Los Santos! When we found him knocking at our door demanding the immediate release of the detainees, we had to buy any time we could. So we ended up breaking the printer while printing the release forms. In the maintime we called the Attorney General of the Department of Justice to stop the senator from releasing the detainees.

    After a tough debate between the two, we got permission to move the detainees to the Los Santos Correctional Facility.


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