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Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI is one of the most lethal and efficient fighting forces in the United States of America.

FBI Discord:

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    DE Recruiment Status:

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  • RE: Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    Gangs - level 1-5
    [TT] - Tuga Thugs=- : [Active gang, expreinced membres! Best gang.]
    [AA] - Arms Assasins : [Same as above.]
    [B~B] - Black Bullets : [Same as AA & TT]

    [Z] - Organization Zero: [Good gang, but inactive.]
    [UE] - Underground Empire : [Nothing to say, you gôt skillled membres.]
    [BS] - Black Syndicate :[No opinion.]
    [CDC] - Comando Da Capital : [Not bad gang.]
    [O] - The Outfit: [Inactivité, no opinion.]
    CripZ: [Skilled membres, but 24/7 afk.]
    [WA]- Wild Angel: [Nice gang, BRs 24/7 BRs.]
    [THC] - The Company: [Awesome gang.]
    [OC] - Overdose Crime: [Nice RPs.]
    [BBMC] - The Blood Brothers MC: [You are a MC, you should drive Freeway not lambo.]

    Squads - level 1-5

    [FBI] - Federal Bureau of Investigation : [Skilled membres.]
    [SWAT] - Special Weapons & Tactics : Same as above.
    [SAPA] - San Andreas Police Academy : [Great Job making PCs. ]
    [SAFP] - San Andreas Federal Police : [some of your members got bad attitude.]
    [FOX] - Fox Operation.X : [Fav Genk.]
    [NNB] - National Narcotics Bureau : [No opnion.]
    [TST] - The Strike Team: [No opinion.]
    [ICE] - Immigration and Customs Enforcement: [ # ICE ICE BABY.]
    [STF] - Special Task Force: [No opinion.]
    [SEAL} - S.A. Elite SEALs: [Good squad.]

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  • RE: F.B.I. - Federal Records and Media

    alt text
    Type : Air boxing
    LWS/G6/CEO: @Dan09
    Prize : 2.000.000$
    Winner: Dyballa
    alt text

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    Happy birthday, chadlia A.K.A @XpookS !

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