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Cunning Stunts

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Cunning Stunts is an official none RP group. It's only to have fun and enjoy the stunts/racing/drifting.

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    Event Name: Marathon
    LWS/G6/CEO: Blue Reggi
    Price: 1.000.000$
    Winner(s): Arcom

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    Event Name: Nade Wars
    LWS/G6/CEO: Blue Reggi
    Price: 1.500.000$
    Winner(s): Ez

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  • Albanian
    Press F1 and read the rules under # Server Rules #: Shtypni F1 dhe lexoni rregullat poshte kateogrise #Rregullat e serverit#
    Do not avoid arrest: Mos e shmangi arrestimin ne menyre te padrejte.
    Do not Deathmatch: Mos vrisni ose demtoni i lojtaret e tjere pa arsye.
    No not Deathmatch Emergency: Mos vrisni ose demtoni forcat e emergjences.
    Do not kill cop who is not chasing: Mos vrisini ose demntoni policet, te cilet nuk jane duke ju ndjekur juve.
    Do not dm unwanted criminals: Mos vrisni osed emtoni kriminelet te cilet nuk jane ne kerkim
    Do not attack cops in hospital: Mos sulmoni policet ne spital.
    Do not attack criminals in hospital: Mos sulmoni kriminelet ne spital
    Do not marker kill in bankrob: Mos vrisni ne hyrjen e deres ne vjedhjet e bankave.
    Speak english in the mainchat: Ju lutem flsini anglisht ne chatin kryesor.

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    Toy Soldiers
    The miss understood story
    Part 3
    Participants: Clucking Bell, @Skerdi @SNome
    Story: 'Sometimes I hate life, why do I put up this fight? Why do I still live, the same questions I ask to myself every day, I am starting to doubt shit, it is so cold to travel alone it hurts being torn apart and ask myself how to be normal? It has been always been like this.. since I was born like I was sent to complete a fucking mission and doubt myself. Thats it the perfect opportunity for Clucking Bell and The Outfit to test their experiments, I have to overcome myself I must do it, I have to prove them wrong, I am not shit.'- Said Slim tired from life, trying to figure how to end the shit. But who is Slim? He is the "best toy soldier" they say, comes from a hard life where he has been discriminated and hated.. he still wakes up at night wondering why, guess he will never know. Found in the local area by Clucking Bell employee who gave him an opportunity to be "like everyone else", what a lie and anyone in the rock bottom would believe that. Injected the most painful substances and fed whoever knows products, he won some power but paid a high price.. "lost his feelings", till one day when he was trying to overcome the shit he was being fed, he saw a crying face. Erased memories came back like an tornado. Guess who he saw? Anoj another so called "toy soldier", the girl he used to love for years , was there again, but not today Slim couldn't feel anymore, everything was taken away. But as he was the best one a scream brought everything back, it was the night where 30 people died, yes he did it all to save a bad memory and a broken heart just hoping that magic would happen, how naive. No this was not a fairy tale love story but a nightmare for one. Now Slim met the leading head of the "toy soldiers" project and that made him feel again.. big problem, he was not supposed to feel anymore. All of the substances that they used to fed him were gone. Only 30 of 100 "toy soldiers" have survived. This alarmed Clucking Bell and The Outfit, they must fix the shit and turn Slim into a monster again. What about Anoj, the mastermind has been a monster since long ago. The world will turn upside down when monsters swap places. The real question is will they be able to finish the experiment before the time runs out? Clucking Bell working on radioactive food, The Outfit working on radioactive substances. The left toy soldiers watch from their cages and plan the weirdest things in their heads. Will there be chaos? Or chaos started years ago?

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