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    Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): Hi I'm Matias I'm 15 years old in the game I'm "OC-H|>Matias" One of my strengths is being forced to shoot and drive and one of my weaknesses is being impatient as well as flying airplanes.
    Tell us about your SAES Career: My criminal career at SAES started 4 months ago with CDC because I was previously on the police side and was in the following squads ( SAFP , ICE STF ) After CDC I joined the BBMC then the CripZ and finally I want to join OverdoseCrime.
    Why OverdoseCrime?: I chose OverdoseCrime among all the other organisations because it is my preferable gang and i'd like to be part of it once again , it's members are skilled and mature , besides i got friends and i enjoy chillin' with them usually in-game and we have fun always. also, the gang is so active on the server and i'd like to assist it with my skills and reach their mains.
    Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoseCrime is : Gym Supplements,Street fighting and Trainings.Overdose Crime based on few things.Firstly they are selling a gym supplements by illegal ways. second thing is street fighting. Overdose Crime members sure in that they can beat anyone who can challenge them in any fight,so they hosting Street Fighting matches.And Training people.We all know that best trainees is best traineed people.Overdose Crime members one of best traineed people around San Andreas,so they want to share their experience with others.
    Create a story related to our role: There was me in the middle of a street fight my rival pulled out a knife but I hit my head and left it on the floor after that I saw 3 guys with a tattoo on their right arm that said "OC" I didn't ask anything but they were looking at me after that the next day I saw them in the gym and they told me they offered to improve my physique and train me and it was then that I agreed to join OverdoseCrime.
    Why should we accept you?: To be honest, I'm not going to say the same thing that others say that I became friends with everyone else again, I learned life lessons by spending months playing here, I want you to know that it was applied again because I like and love the players who are inside this, no matter what problems we have had or the discussions that I have had and I will be a good member also I have experiences in other criminal gangs also I am active contribute ideas I will do RP events.
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    Your Sincerely , Matias

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    Activity 7 Members Online 18-12-2018
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