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Cluckin' Bell

We are a fast food selling group. We look forward to civilian side role play.

  • 1-Personal Informations
    a.Ingame Name & Real Name: RadiO (Oussama Jemli)
    b.Account Name: oussama88
    c.Age: 16 years old
    d.Nationality: Tunisian
    e.Rate Your English Level (1-10): 7/10
    f.Tell us about yourself : I am knowing ingame as RadiO, but my real name is Oussama Jemli, i was born in beautiful country in Tunisie called Sousse on the 23rd of October 2002, i am now sixteen years old . I live with my family in Sousse. I’m studying in Economices class and i would like to be Economiqe teacher or maybe a Bank Manager. I like listening to English music, playing computer games and Bascketball. Also i am intersted to Agriculture, Space Scinces, GTA Game Moding and playing on SAES:RPG i like it so much. I always go to GYM with my brother but sometimes i go to the Consert or the Cinema with my girlfriend.
    g. Do you have teamspeak or discord : Yes, i use Discord and i have TeamSpeak3 but i dont use it.
    2-Ingame Informations
    a.How long have you been playing on SAES: I was playing on SAES since 2015 but after a long inactive period i back since 2 months or more.
    b.Tell us about your saes carrier : i dont have a great carrier is SAES like i said i was inactive for a long period but i have a good experience in the game also i am a skilled player , i have an enough knowledge that made me understandable to the game.
    c.Previous gang or squads(include leaving reason):
    -BBMC: gang Died
    -Organization Zero: Zero a great gang with great members and HQs. I leave without reason the only one it's that i wanna join CripZ.
    d.Have you ever been banned from SAES(if yes please explain): Yes, i've got banned for multiaccount when i was nobie.
    e.What Does DM mean and give an example: Killing other people with out reason (Exemple: you was near the pizza you park you car you turn off the engine and get out of it, Suddenly someone come and start shooting on you and your car. Well, take SS and report him are enough).
    (e.g: Killing or destroying vehicles without any reason) Not allowed.
    f.What Does Roleplay mean and give an example: Role-playing is when you taking on a characters role according to what the characters are, what do they do, what job they have, and etc. We must use the characters background as our role and interact other people as the character we are using. Simply is acting like real life.
    g . What Does Avoid Arrest mean and give an example: Try to escape while you are wanted and cop is chasing you by killing yourself with a nade or Disconnect.
    h.Tell us 3 of Bank Robbery Rules:
    Do not start bank robbery without permission of HQ, or bank rob manager
    Do not camp in front of entrance marker
    Gang is not allowed to do more than 2 bank robberies in 1 day
    i.Tell us 3 of Turf Rules:
    You are not allowed to come to turf war spawned as cop aslo you are not allowed to help members of your gang spawned as medic or a Pizza boy.
    Only gang spawn or Hospital spawn are allowed (House spawn is forbidden).
    You are not allowed to camp on unclimbable roofs
    j.Tell us 3 of Gang Robbery Rules:
    No grenades at all. (This includes parking vehicles and using them as explosives)
    No spawn killing - Don't camp that gang's spawn. Beef up defenses elsewhere if necessary.
    You can only gangrob spawned as your gang.
    3-Additional Informations: ask me ingame if you want to know any thing.
    a.A Character Backstory ( must be suit for our role ) : Pablo Gurcia , was born in Mexico on the 23rd of October 1995. In May 2005 was arrested for drug dealing and Assassination attempt. In Augst 2016 he was relaised from the jail with his partner. they was so poor, no money, homeless, even they are to hungry . Finaly, they decide to back to the crim life and start dealing drugs again. Well, a gang called CripZ, it's the great pleace to start new career.
    b.Explain CripZ's roleplay with your own words: CripZ's role based on earning money by Drugs Trafficking, Alcohol Production and Cars Theft and Modifications .
    c.Why do you want to join CripZ: Well, because CripZ has quality, good, friendly members and HQs. Also i havn't a lot of experience, so i would play with them together and have new friends and improve my self. Also, i like CripZ's role and history. Shortly CripZ is special on my eye.
    d.Why should we accept you: In my case I want to be accepted because I am a person able to respond to all kinds of situations highly respect my superiors and I try to learn more every day so I can grow in knowledge of the server and official rules and improve my career as a Criminal in SAES.
    e.What is your strenghts: i have some strengths like communicating, teamwork, maturity, listening and obey the orders given by the higher ranked individuals, also roleplaying is one of my strongest sides too.
    f.What is your weaknesses: i sometimes give a value to people who do not deserve it.
    g.Post your screens when you hanging with CripZ(use spoiler): (coming soon)

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  • alt text
    RP Number #26
    Roleplay Title: Checking out Los Santos Cemetery
    The Story: It was a normal day at Red County Crunch, when i decide to get out with Prophet to save our time by looking for Something can help us. When Prophet give me a great idea to go and check Los Santos Cemetery. We get in the "Romero" and take the way to the Cemetery. Once we came to the cemetery we start looking for something useful for PoS. We start with a grave written on it " Willyan_Cesar 1890-1975 Venwood". i ask Prophet to come and check it, and he said that was one of the famoust warlock, so we decide to open the grave and take a look Inside. After few munites we found a book written with old greek languge. we take it, we close the gave, get in our car and go beck to our Crunch.
    Participants: @prophet & @RadiO
    Date: 19.01.2019

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