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Black Eagle Security

BES is a security agency which provides many kinds of security services such as bodyguards, surveillance cameras, and more!

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  • @Mohamed-Mostafa we are working on being 7 level already. Thanks for your opinion about Cluck'in Bell. We are level 6

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  • Applicant Main Information :

    Nickname: My nickname is Shakespeare

    Username: My username is “kovbaska”

    Age: I’m 16 years old right now

    Nationality: I was born in Ukraine, so I am Ukrainian.

    Languages you can speak: I can speak on Ukrainian language, Russian, English and little bit polish.

    Player SAES Career Information :

    How long have you been playing on SAES? : Since 2014

    Do you have past experience with other gangs/squads/companies? (name them) :

    Varrios Los Aztecas
    Comando da Capital
    CripZ (x2)
    Special Task Force

    If yes, explain the reasons why you left/got kicked from each of them :

    VLA – Died

    Comando da Capital - I left because I wasn’t feeling myself comfortable in CDC, so I’ve decided to leave my current gang and join CripZ.

    CripZ ( first time ) - It was a good times, I've been there for about 7 months and got the rank of respected, but once I received a warning and I thought it was not enough fair to me. so I’ve decided to leave since I didn’t want to continue quarrel.

    STF - It was my first squad I was there not for so long, then I got kicked and I don’t know the reason till nowadays…

    CripZ ( second time ) - Often i wasn't noticed inside the gang so that's the reason which made me feel myself shitty. I was like a invisible one. Only when BR's were going they remembered me, cuz I was a cracker. So I've decided to leave from CripZ and find a new family.

    Have you ever been banned from SAES (if yes, please explain) : Never

    What groups are you currently part of? :

    Black Eagle Security (BES)
    Hell Hounds Motorcycle Club (HHMC)
    InvestArms Corporation (IAC)

    Personality Information :

    What makes you special over the others and why should we accept you? : Because, I'm loyal, friendly and active player. I have a lot of experience in a different gangs. I'm enough skilled to be part of a high lvl gang just like B~B.

    Explain in your own words the roleplay of Black~Bullets: Black~Bullets is the professional assasins family of this server.They are providing professional assinations and mercenary services for everyone who can pay enough.They're taking part in money laundering activities which can provide other benefits.They also stand still when comes to professional weapons like weapons repairs, selling different parts of weapons.

    Why did you apply specifically for Black~Bullets? : I applied for Black~Bullets because I think it's one of the most friendship and strong organized gangs on the whole server, they’ve a good roleplay what's important on the criminal side. Also I know that a lot of your members are skilled and mature players which are always ready to help.

    Do you know any B~B Member (as a friend), and did anyone recommend you to apply for us? : Yes i know some members like Mura, MaximzZ, Harb, Ment, Elegant but no one of them suggested me to apply.

    Anything else that you would like to add? [Optional] : Thank you for reading.

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    19/02/2019 - Lv Bank Robbery #250 8\8

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