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BES is a security agency which provides many kinds of security services such as bodyguards, surveillance cameras, and more!

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  • Happy birthday mate!!

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  • Happy Birthday @Rocker, may ya' live long!

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  • @nicus Very soon laughs in spanish

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  • did I read it right? Sons of bitchez? Well interesting. Good luck!

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  • Tapi's Application for Arms Assassins

    Nickname: Tapi

    Age: 16

    Country: Parents from india, But i born in kuwait, Middle east.

    Languages spoken: English, Hindi/Urdu, Little arabic, Telugu.

    From 0 to 10, how would you rate your english proficiency? (?/10): I would say, 8/10.

    How long have you been playing on SAES: since 2015, But then i was banned made an appeal this year and got back.

    In a quick and short summary, tell us who are Arms Assassins and their roleplay: Well they are men who plays with the big guns, They are men who deals with big sh*t. Basically their names kinda says it all, They are arms dealer and real bad assassins.

    Previous clans on the server (include the reasons for leaving): SAPA (Left because i got one more probie star for something i did not do [Back in 2015]), SAFP(I did not like it there i think not sure also back in 2015) NNB (Well because i wanted to try something else on the server wanted to join the crime side and see how things are here. Never really been in crime side.)

    Previous bans on the server and reasons for them: back in 2015 got punished for pasting a link of another server in main

    Name 3 BR rules: Well as i have not really been in the crime side, I don't clearly know but something that i know is kinda like, not to start BR alone.

    Name 3 GR rules: Well I'll learn all of them rules, I've never been in a GR before. Well this is my first time joining a Criminal gang.

    Name 3 Turf rules: Not spawn as medic or cop to help your group in the turf. well that's what i can say for now.

    What is Roleplay?: Well roleplay is more like acting a part or a character, Like in real life. But its just playing a role.

    What is Deathmatching?: Killing someone or damaging someone for no reason.

    Someone DMs you. What do you do?: Well personally I'll just warn him he he continues I'll just report him.

    You're passing by one or several cops, who do not attempt to arrest you. What shall you do?: I'll do pretty much nothing, But just go on my own way.

    Do you know anyone from the gang, or have made connections with anyone inside the gang, before you applied?: Well i have few buddies in this gang which motivated me to join this gang.

    Application text (tell us something about yourself or anything you want to try to convince us): My name is Maaz, Coming from middle east. Well i would just say that i am really wanting to see how is the criminal life in SAES and i think AA is something that would give me a really good experience in it.

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  • alt text
    Participants : Black Syndicate (Karma) & Wild Angels (Vincy)
    Date : 18.12.2018
    Back-Story :
    While i was hanging around Las Venturas driving my Admiral vehicle , I've got a phone call from a Wild Angels guy was named as "Vincy" . He told me that he wants to buy some of our weapons , I asked him what type of weapons does he needs and he said that he wants to buy some M4 Crates with extra Magazine"s Boxes . So i accepted his request and told him that i will come to Wild Angels base after i load the crates in my vehicle . So i started loading the weapons crates in my vehicle then i started driving to the Wild Angels base . After 30 minutes , i arrived to their base and i met "Vincy" there . i came out of my vehicle and opened the trunk to show him the weapons that i brought to him and he wanted to test it before buy to make sure if It has a good quality and deserve to be bought . After testing the weapons , Vincy told me that he's ready to buy all the crates because he really like the quality of these weapons . After un-loading the arms crates from the car , he paid then we shaked hands and i left the base heading back to Black Syndicate Castle .
    ScreenShots :

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