All Load Trucking We Ship Your Shit!
Arms Assassins The oldest gang alive. Only for AA members and TT/BB HQs.
Black Bullets Permission to use only for: -BB non-probationary members -TT/AA HQ members .. Black Bullets is a well-funded criminal organization providing assassinations services.. More details and application form here:
Black Eagle Security **BES is a security agency which provides many kinds of security services such as bodyguards, surveillance cameras, and more!** **BES Discord Link :** **Black Eagle Security Official Forums :**
Cartel Da Sinaloa For peace to reign, be ready for war.
Central Intelligence Agency Group description is not provided
Centrino Forum: Discord:
Cluckin' Bell We are a fast food selling group. We look forward to civilian side role play.
Comando da Capital [**Main Topic**]( [**Discord Link**]( [**Private Forum**](
Cuban Cars Car fixers and vehicles thieves
Cuban Liberation Organisation Group description is not provided
Cunning Stunts Cunning Stunts is an official none RP group. It's only to have fun and enjoy the stunts/racing/drifting. More information:
Desert Eagles The official military group of San Andreas. US.