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  2. DDT Event: Event Type: CarShow LWS/G6 Helper(s):Hotfire Event Prize: 2 ,000,000 $ Hosted By: Tony Winner: 1-Dexter 2-Nyx 3-Toni Screenshots:
  3. DDT ROLEPLAY OtherParticipant : Oleg The Revenge As I was chilling in home, I had seen that there is stronger traffic control and that there is an officer named Soylan Kavlin. The name immidiately bringed some bells for me and I remembered that one of our terrorists got arrested by him. I knew that I had to avenge him. As I was running him over, I felt some kind of relief. The sounds of his bone cracking, unbelievable feeling. Hearing his last words - stop stop stop! So damn good feeling. I opened my window first and spit on him, saying him that he should consider thinking who he's arresting next time. I decided to finish all of this for now and ever. As I was running him over, I felt some kind of relief. The sounds of his bone cracking, unbelievable feeling. Hearing his last words - stop stop stop! So damn good feeling. I opened my window first and spit on him, saying him that he should consider thinking who he's arresting next time. I decided to finish all of this for now and ever. I reached my back sit and got the AK. I got out of my van and pointed it at him. He was hilarious with his last words like please say bye to my wife and kids. I am even thinking to send them a goodbye message as bomb packed in a box. I spent two magazines of AK on him but it was worth it as I avenged our brother.
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  5. Show us Yourself v2

    Your post overall was quoted for me?
  6. CripZ Media Archive

    Turfing Bone County / Las Venturas =BEFORE= =AFTER=
  7. SideRP 84#Good offer good money My friend from San Fierro Wu zi Mu called me to ask me something about i told him i will call u back for 10 minutes,that's the guy whos the boss of chinesse part in San Fierro a very good and inteligent guy The Company likes them and never had a problem with them we was chilin in our club togheter many times and he wanted to ask me something but won't in club so he forgot what he wanted.Then his daughter called me to meet in San Fierro docks to have a talk about what Wu Zi Mu wanted she explained that there in this time while we talking some rich guy bought a new Rang Rover vouge that costs 100.000$ Dollars so my dad loves it and he can afford that car and pay everthing but why would he buy a new one if this guy bought before 3 days and it's in good quality and brand new ,so my dad wanted to give you money to steal it ,everybody knows how The Company dominate in San Fierro now so this would be nice if you can do, i said yes we can show me the spot where is it the location and we can make a plan about it. We was passing by that parking which daugther of wu zi mu told us also we spotted the car and i went to street above to start talking about the plan , so the plan is simple we have to watch from the roof when is clear when the least people will pass so we was waiting very patient this job is for 50.000$ half price which can be given for this car which costs 100.000$ We took the car pretty much fast and heading to China town part,nobody was there and we wasn't suspicious alarm was turned for a second but we shut it so everything was so clearly done and it's to to take a bag with money for this aciton. We parked it into garage of Wu Zi Mu his daughter was so happy and wanted to drive it now to test it so she did that we was waiting a couple of minutes and she told us come in my apartment my dad called me and told that i should give you guys money cause he is in other country currently.
  8. Halo, As the title says, I want a logo for a Business in real life. The business is about a renting cars company, so i want a nice logo that fits this business and type on it this "Sultan Motors" or "Auto Sultan" with some car thingy or a nice design and type under it " You choose where - We take it there" If animated wud be cool too I can pay more than 10,000,000$ needed fast Thanks
  9. 16 December 2017 Activity - Event type: Night LMS - Prize(s): 1,000,000$ - LWS/G6 helper(s): MatizZ - Winner(s): BS|Hitbot - Screen(s): https://ibb.co/hrKZN6 https://ibb.co/mVZjN6
  10. Varrios Los Aztecas | Media Archive

    Roleplay ( 145 ) AK-47 Selling we some Bomb's In our camp in Bone County while we were on training our member of AK-47 decided that we can sell our homemade grenades to someone. Our ideal and teacher Melou heard about new street gang called Varrios Los Aztecas and suggest them. We got an contact of one of their member called "Jaster" from our connection from the street's of San Andreas and he said they are looking just for that. Toni contacted him and offer him two boxes in 70 grenades in each box. They answer was that they want to see them and to come to their base in Los Santos. That was so unlikley for us and we wanted to make an deal on some other place, but they didn't wanted that. Los Santos is a town in the middle of San Andreas and the streets are full of police officers. At the end we came in their base with Boxville and the last thing was the price. They view every greande and decided that they are pretty good for them. We said that they are not for sell and if we heard that they sell them to someone else we would never had any contact with them anymore. Each box was $10.000 and that was a good deal for us. We have money now to invest in our camps and other stuff that's important for our people. AK-47 Members: Toni Hitbot Doox
  11. Show us Yourself v2

    auto phahaha they will knock you out with one punch in your face nothing more
  12. CripZ Media Archive

    16/12/2017 San Fierro Bank Robbery #293 [8/8]
  13. ~ FOX regular patrol ~ FOX crew: Absent, 007, Hassoni, Kleptix, Darius Date and time of the patrol: 16/12/2017, 21:40 - 22:40 (1 hour in total) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/2AdqB
  14. ~ FOX regular patrol ~ FOX crew: Absent, Marshall (Sam), Hassoni, Kleptix, Darius Date and time of the patrol: 13/12/2017, 20:40 - 21:40 (1 hour in total) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/g0plz
  15. This is cool but another problem is that even if this thing comes to SAES the 'Taxi Life' won't really improve its activity. The main problem is the overpowered 'super cars' and the fact that they are so cheap / we earn money easy so we can afford them. If the economy gets balanced , the civilian side overall will be more active and not only 85% crim/cop players. As for the suggestion, awesome once again.
  16. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(471): Infernus Race ( from old CLO base to Grove street) LWS/G6 Helper: PulaR, Style , Goodie Prize: 1.500.000$ Winner: Tamo Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/sOeNA
  17. Event type: Chicken shooter Event LWS/G6: @PulaR Event prize: 1.000.000 Event winner(s): @shcwarz Event screenshot(s):
  18. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Event type: Chicken Shooter Prize: $1.000.000 LWS: Pular Winner: Doox Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/bFJwv
  19. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    It does, any chance you could hop on one of these days and chuck Kain Bastage operator on it please
  20. SideRP 83#-The Company's contact (With Black Syndicate) Everything started when i was driving around the town heading to a friend to chill in restoraunt , i got stuck in traffick jams and suddnely my phone was ringing i thought it was the friend which i need to meet so i declined the call beacuse i am 3 minutes to him,after one minuted agian is ringing so i think what the fuck so i pick up my phone from the pocket and i saw some unknow number so i decided to answer and i do when i heard "Adway" i was like ooo i know you one hundret precent your voice is familiar he told me "yeah it's me Hitbot from Black Syndicate i need your help emmediatelly whenever we can meet cause we have a good problem we're in deep shit he told me something about their good guy and also my friend Deadshoot so i was like what? And he just told me i can't explain by phone we need to meet up somewhere ,i recommed you in Los Santos in our bulding ,lissen firstly go to Las Venteruas airport with car from San Fierro my friend will help you to come here ,it's our private jet go with him he will show you the place where to come also i will wait you in front of airport so relax be ready , the limo will wait you in front also enter in that black limo i am inside that,see ya! I was really corious what's going on so i of course decied to go,i called my friend and told him fuck restoraunt now i have something to do will call you this evening to chill somewhere , i emmediatelly turn my car on opposite side of road and give a full gas to pass the colony whichw as in front of me so when i hit a highway i was driving fast to Las Venteruas after 30 minutes i finally came there and theres a guy named Stylex who was waiting me in jet he told me are you Adway ? I told him yes i am also he told me let's go you've something to do importnat in Los Santos for us.Told him of course start that engines and go,also when i was flying to Los Santos even when i was entering in jet hitbot was constantly calling me where are you. When we was flying he called me once again and said it's about of hours or maybe one day our friend would be on first in world in Interpols wanted list tell the pilot to go fast ,i was like what are you saying man i don't get it ,he constantly sayin just come fast fast fast he was so nervous i was like okay calm down am here for and hour take a ciggar and wait me bro, he told me please be faster this is so much important you can't ever imagine. When i finally came there he was waiting me with black limosine and shake with me in front of airport said bro you can only solve this case he instantly telling me what is he wanted i told him don't speak here better go in Los Santos your bulding so we can talk there whatever you need he said okay let's go just to know if you can't do this nobody can .While i was entering in limo my phone was ringing also some shit happend in San Fierro i wanted to do this job quickly and go rapidly back in San Fierro to help my guys there. We finally came to that bulding climb on the floor and start talking about what's the problem what is he in hurry,so just said that it's about Deadshoot so what do we need is -his words "Deadshoot mess with Interpol about kill their secret agent so they declare him as first in their wanted list we have no power to stop their actions i saw some agenst following me in Las Venteruas and also our phones are tracking they listens our phone call by anyone so i grab a phone from a random guy and calls you i will destroy that phone later relax,we're in deep shit mate we need your help i know everything about your contacts for Federal Bureau Of Investigations please can you do something this case i would be appreciate they are on our heads currenlty in Los Santos we're safe but our place was always been in Las Venteruas ,please do somethign now" -I called Federal Bureau Of Investiagtions literally for a second and i gave them explain i called on private number gave them informations about everything they told me "For you guys from The Company everything " I told them nice thanks you will be well payed they said that job would costs 30.000$ be prepared to pay after that job is done ,i am trusting you guys.I said thanks Black Syndicate will do that just delete him from Interpols wanted list.They said okay just to know that it's so hard but will be done somehow we got stronger by your financing. I told Hitbot that'll be done and he needs to pay 30.000$ he said o my god that's notthing easy ,will give them more just do it that needs to be done today,i told him it will be relaxed and don't destroy that phone cause i will call u for more informations if it's done and don't tell anybody wheres Deadshoot ,just greetings him and tell that will be done. Have fun see ya we shake our hands and said will call you later.
  21. Posted yesterday at 1:02 PM (edited) · Report post To protect with courage, to serve with compassion. - San Andreas Federal Police -
  22. Show us Yourself v2

    I like this picture as fuck
  23. Event#( 114 ) Event Name: 1vs1 Deagle Tournament Event Money: 1.500.000 Event Winning: CripZ<kYLE Event Regulates: CripZ<Nyx_
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