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    Assassins JBing
  3. i did a ban appel why u run ?


  4. Event Type :Chicken Nader Prize $1.000.000 LWS|G6 :O|Totti Winner(s) :C|Xeni0
  5. s Posted September 15 · Report post DDT Event: Event Type: Land on DDT Roses. LWS/G6 Helper(s): @Pengo Event Prize: 400,000$ (For every land) Hosted By: Drunk & Disorderly Terrorists Winner: @Kawaii (landed twice) @-Julio ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/Znvyb
  6. Ya curvy ya bhy

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  8. To protect with courage, to serve with compassion. - San Andreas Federal Police -
  9. Yes Or No

    No, not yet. are you a girl?
  10. Yes Or No

    No, not yet. Is it night for you?
  11. Yes Or No

    No, Are you gay? @Mxxx
  12. Yes Or No

    No, Are you younger than 10 years old?
  13. Last Letter!

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    Take a look at what my friend Mr.Boi just sent me LMAO
  15. Official Quote Wall

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