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  2. Just got <3 With SAES! :smiley:

  3. I agree with Weeb Fag
  4. Yes Or No

    No Russell will win MVP?
  5. Today
  6. Yes Or No

    No Will KATLA ever be released ?
  7. Bastage TF2 Madness: Operation Rape Haas

  8. Show us Yourself v2

    I dont think that shaving your armpits makes you gay, many people do and even myself.. i do shave everythin from the upper body part and it does not mean im gay
  9. Stephen Curry Mix- "Unforgettable " ᴴᴰ | 2016-2017

    dam the music is dope :o
  10. Fucking Nanobob man. He scared the shit out of me with his fucking maul beasts.
  11. Stephen Curry Mix- "Unforgettable " ᴴᴰ | 2016-2017

    Well Stephan isn't my favorite player , but he's good af. RUSSELL WESTBROOK MVP!
  12. ______________________________________________________________ ROLEPLAY On Sunday, the 23rd of April, night shift of the Unit RRT-124 Agent Yeizzon. National Narcotics Bureau. I receive an emergency call, it was coming from a cadet of SAPA who had the urgency of which I was going to support it. I answered, he said to me that it had a civilian in condition of drunkenness, it performed supreme importance that was in his support, this at LVx. To the moment to come I see that it was walking along the middle of the road, running the risk of which some vehicle was knocking down it. I stopped with the police vehicle in way, to stop the traffic and this way to try to convince he that was separated aside of the street. The civilian acceded. I needed a nearby office, my HQ was very far from where I was located. He was raised to the car and I took it immediately to the nearest office (LVPD) to do the protocol. It was a long way, he told me of his life, he was a man who was living alone in a truck, his parents had died and it had a brother of whom it did not know anything for 20 years. A bit loudly his history, there I dealt of why I was with alcohol, he was feeling alone without anybody who it was helping or who was socializing with him. His life only was in the trucks, only to drive, to eat and to sleep. His history came to me to the heart, it had to find the way of it helping, but I did not manage to do it. I cannot have interfiled in the personal life of a person, it goes in opposition to my rules. Since I decided to be employed at this it knew that I would meet things like that, but well, they all have problems and it is necessary to be able to look for a solution. The impossible thing is late, but everything can be achieved by will. We come to the office, I it helped to go down the car. It was a bit sick and because of it steadied itself in me. I sat it in a chair to verify what substances it had consumed. I returned to my car to look for the elements and to detect the substances that he consumed. The machine detected cocaine and liquor, something normal but with the sad one it tells the history behind. I him took the information to make it registered in the database, did a couple of questions to him and we went away at once. I called a colleague in order that I was happening to retire and was moving to the hospital. After I left him to hospital to recover, he managed to fully recover and open new chapter in his life. SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/a/VhCfJ
  13. Then make the gui static but able to minimize it with a flash like a minimized window does on your computer when a new ad is added
  14. Stephen Curry Mix- "Unforgettable " ᴴᴰ | 2016-2017

    James Harden MVP!
  15. All edited by me of course ^_^
  16. Yesterday
  17. Billionaire during current gov crisis

    You look actually like this, waiting for your unban
  18. Yes Or No

    Yes Is it a funny game ?
  19. Billionaire during current gov crisis

    Billionaire, being banned isn't the same as being in a far away island.
  20. Business with Mongols MC Part 1 Today, I noticed that we are running out of ammunition and weapons after the latest wars against the different organizations. So, we contacted our brothers from Mongols MC and after discussing the location and time, we met up at their farm near Red County. Everything was going well until a policeman passed by us and saw us doing an illegal business. To be sure that the cop won't leak any information about the deal and to avoid future problems, we picked up the weapons and we decided to took him as a hostage. After that, we put him in the truck and went to a deserted and safe place near Palomino Creek, where we killed him and wiped out the traces. We decided to postpone the deal for a few days in order to be able to calm the things down after the murder of the policeman.
  21. count to 1,000,000

  22. Yes Or No

    No Can you send me 1 milion in game ?
  23. AA Media Archive

    23.04 SF Bank 23.04 23.04
  24. Yes Or No

    No Can you please read the rules again?
  25. Yes Or No

    No Is it okay if @Teddybear bans him?
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