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    Much corrupt,many hax
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    Pretty eyes. I wanna gouge them out and preserve them in a jar.. <3
  5. HeadShot system.

    how easy.
  6. where the fuck are you cunt

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  8. Scripting Team #2

    You suck!
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    5 months ago
  10. Last Letter!

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    looking at his actions and attidute, today.
  12. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play (22/02/07)== ~The New Gang On The City~ I were at the SDO base repairing one of our planes, and I got a call from Zeta, one member of a drug cartel, he told me “Come to our base at 01:35, I have a job for you.” When I arrived on their base, he gave me information about the job. “A new gang on the city is selling drugs on our territories” he told me, so he wanted to get the answers for some questions about this new gang, who are them? , what kind of drugs they are selling? And who are buying them drugs in our territories? he asked, for this job I had to infiltrate on his base to get the answers, zeta told me he will get me there with one of his helicopters. After some hours we arrived there, and upon their base I took my parachute and jumped from the helicopter to the gang base, it was hard to land, they had to many bodyguards, also the security was very good but despite this I landed on their roof. After this I walked around the base and took many pictures also information of some of their computers, they are a gang called Hell Soldiers and the answers of the other questions was on a USB, when I took the information, I left from their base and i gave the information to my customer Zeta, he was happy for the job and gave me 5000$ as payment.
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    From how many years ago? :o
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  16. hey tut


    1. DeadPaints

      you still not able to receive pms bro, ca you msg me? (if you didnt left the other chat)

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    CSGO Bastage event upcoming saturday!
  18. Activity check Las Venturas Bank Robbery Los Santos Bank Robbery
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  20. CripZ Media Archive

    Roleplay Type: New Moonshine Buyers. Date: 23/02/2017 Partipicators: CripZ Members , [B~B]Gold. Roleplay Backstory: It was a good day for the CripZ brotherhood because they sold a lot of moonshine bottles. Gold called us to have some information about the moonshines, because he never buyed it but he heard about the name. So we start to move to the base of Black Bullets. First we gave him information about the moonshine. We told him that moonshines are illegal alchol. So it wasn't a low price to buy moonshines because we're getting them illegal. The guy called Gold told us he wants something like 140 bottles of moonshines. So we talked about the price and it was actually 135.000$ but we've decided to sell it for 130.000$, we talked about lowering the price with our boss called Zaza and he told us that it was not needed to lose time for some dollars so we just sold it for 130k. After the price we helped Gold with transporting the boxes with bottles moonshines to the location he wants. And we received our money THE END. Screens:
  21. HeadShot system.

    Headshot is a special feature that only two groups currently have DE and CLO. It is generally disabled by group HQs and only enabled on special occasions. To answer your suggestion, we won't be allowing everyone that feature as it will spoil the gameplay, sure you may find it fun first but you won't after a player with 400 headshots you while he's not even aiming on your screen, case where it becomes a game of who's got more lag. I'd like to thank you for your suggestion, we'll sadly have to deny this one.
  22. Stance Nation

    Activity Check No #16 23.02.2017
  23. CSGO :: General Chat

    i'd play with you guys, didn't know :(
  24. Activity check Turfing Red County Roadtrip
  25. HeadShot system.

    There's already headshot enabled for special groups such as Cuban liberation and Desert eagles, either you join them or else I suggest you add reasons why normal players should be given it, if not @Bone or someone other GM will deny it immediately.
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