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  4. This is an automated post for: Lerov99Donation: GBP 10.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Thank you for your donation! Vehicle : Super GT with best engine v8 and 10x nitrous Color : Lime (#00FF00) Stripe Blue (#330099) Headlights: TC color (#4a092b) My login ingame : evgenei901
  5. Bike Engine Upgrade

    It also runs out of gas quick! maybe that can be a fix lol
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    * Roster updated!
  7. SAES Meme pictures!

    2k17 RPing :D
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    I enjoy video and photographing
  9. What you like to do

    I Like to wank on Teddy's porn videos, i know that teddy is very ugly but his boobs and his ass are actually very big .
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  11. 21st.Branch - FBI

    Name : Mahmoud Account : Bjergsen. Age : 16 Access to PC (ProCops) - If not , why havent you applied / Tried to gain it? I applied for PC, and I failed the test 4 times, so I want to have it with FBI. Past Squads/Gangs + Why you left them: I was in SA Police Academy. I left it because I faced problems with some instructors with my PC, that they failed me, without a reason. How much time have you been playing as a cop ? From the first day I joined SAES:RPG, which is 10th of February of this year. Why do you enjoy being a "cop" - " agent of the law" ingame ? Being a cop, is defending the law. And that makes me attracted to this job, I can chase criminals, investigate with them. I help others, who are in trouble, and I enjoy doing missions, with my team-mates in order to protect civilians and their properties. Why would you like to be part of FBIs 21st Branch ? FBI 21st Branch was, actually, my next destination after getting PC from SAPA. It is a really active squad, and its members are so friendly and mature. I also love FBI, because their activities and missions are enjoyfull. It also needs too much cooperating, and it will improve the teamwork in my missions. Why should we accept you ? To be honest, it is your decision, but I hope that you will accept me, because I'm an active person, who enjoys cooperating, and helping others. I'm also a skilled player, as how my partners tell me, a good driver and pilot, I have a perfect aiming, and I can find solutions and tactics to slove a problem. Different Scenarios:- Sce 1 : - You are the Active Sgt of a patrol unit that includes 2 more agents. There is an active SR going on, there is no backup and only you and 2 more agents with you. You have to "do" and tell us how would you raid that SR succesfuly. You need to select a car or heli and choose a weapon ( sniper/CS/M4). Then you describe us how you would lead your little team towards the SR. Explain Below: I joined a patrol with 2 agents around Los Santos, and we were the only available cops. Everything was clear, until we heard about a SR going on. We had to respond immediately to the robbery, and that's what we did. The driver parked the car behind many houses, where we climbed on their roofs, and walked stealthly till we could see the criminals on the shop's roof, they were 4 crims. We couldn't call for backup, because none was free, so we had to make up a plan, in order to stop this SR. So, we were divided into two teams, the first team, is contained of only one agent, who will keep camping on the roof of the house with his Sniper. The second team, is contained of the two remaining cops, is the assault team, that will rush, with the M4, we approved on a plan, and we started procceding in it. The assault team, went down, and waited for the sniper signal. Once he declared the signal, the assault team rushed into the SR, and started at shooting on the roof, then got inside the shop. 2 criminals are down, the remaining ones tried to escape, but the camper hit them both. This tactic was successfully done, and we could stop the SR. Sce 2 : - You have to raid a criminal base, as you have recieved report of drug business going on. You have 3 teams on your lead. Assault Team - M4/CS - Police Cars+ Sultans / Heli Backup Team - M4/CS - Police cars / Heli Approach team ( Recon) -Sniper - Police car / Heli The criminal base has a fence and it is protected by 4 armed criminals. Inside, there are 3 guard-criminals armed too protecting the main entrance of the building. Your mission is to secure the outside areas of the building, how ? that is up to you and your choosen tactics. Explain Below: All untis recieved an order to raid a criminal base, due their suspucious activites. First of all, assault team surrounded, stealthly, the base, that the four criminals couldn't notice them, becuase they were hiding. Approach team, would take covers, and take a look around, to check if there is anything wrong that can happen. And the backup team, was behind the Assault team. Assault team was sneaking closer to the base, till they became exactly opposite it. Approach team had the order to take down the four guards, since the sniper rifles were silenced. 3 armed guards has been detected, protecting the entrance, so the assault team, decided to work up on a plan to clean the entrance. Since they had helis, they could climb the walls, using the helis, then sneak inside the base towards the 3 criminals. They tased them, then carried them to a protected place. They were about to get noticed, but the backup team decided to rush inside the base, since there was no guards in the entrance, nor defending from the top. Approach team would also move forward, to protect the other teams, they could take down few campers. Assault team came from everywhere, with helicopters, with police cars, and sultans. They could dominate the base. They killed the criminals, fighting them. And backup team, could take down the criminals coming from outside the base. And the remaining criminals were so afraid that they threw their weapons, got on their knees, and put their hands on their head. The police team, handcuffed the criminals that they surrendred, then found a big quantity of boxes, that contain the drugs. So the area was cleaned. Sce 3 :- SAPD HQ has called the local SWAT/FBI units to lead and solve a hostage Situ on a nearby building. 2 criminals were tryin to get away with some money taken from a local McDonalds fast food Sh. As the police was gettin closer to them they decided to get inside a clothes shop and take as a hostage an old woman. The criminals are 2 young men, armed and very nervous. You lead your teams to the scene and you have to rescue this old woman. How would you do it ? What would you use ? etc. Explain Below: The unit has called for backup to surround the shop. And the cops came, closed the road, aiming on the entrance of the shop. 3 cops and I made a plan, so we were divided into two teams, the first one from the front door, the mian entrance, and the second team, went behind the shop and found a back door, then got inside the shop, without getting noticed, and waited for the first team' signal. The two cops of the first team was getting closer to the criminals, that were taking an old woman as a hostage. They were so nervous, but they were carrying dangerous weapons(The first a combat shotgun and the second a Deagle). They were holding a huge black bag, and the money were falling from it. The first criminal shouted on the police warning them to not make any singal move. Luckily, the second team, was watching from a distance, they were approaching slowly to the criminals, until they reached, and aimied on their heads, asking them to put their weapons on the ground and leave the old woman. The criminals had nothing to do, except obeying the officers. The old woman left the shop screaming. The first criminal, got on his knees, but the other one tried to escape, so one of the officers tased him. The two criminals were handcuffed and taken to the Police Department, after taking the stolen money and put it back to where it belongs.
  12. Outlaws Motorcycle Club Media Archive

    Brotherhood of Man! It was evening in the San Andreas city.Me and wayne were chilling in the Palomino creek.We just decided to check our arsenal and we dont have some AK's and Tec-9's in our arsenal and we decided to buy these guns from our brothers.Then I took my phone and I called the Mongols secretary Sergio.I talked to him about our current situation and he did understand us.Then Wayne took a burrito and I took my Freeway and we went to the Mongols Clubhouse. When we arrived there Sergio was waiting for us.We get out of our vehicles and me and wayne shaked Sergio's hands and we started to talk about our current situation.We were new in the town and we needed some guns to fight against our enemies.He said " You guys are new in the town,I can do some discount for you guys since you're our brothers ".Then we walked to the Mongols arsenal.Sergio showed their arsenal and their arsenal was awesome.He showed us the AK's and Tec-9's.The guns were awesome and me and wayne decided to buy it with 1k bullets.Then we talked about the money. After leaving the Mongols clubhouse,we went to the my house and we loaded the guns to my garage.Then we kept chilling in my home and we drink some beers. Click here to see the screens.
  13. Bike Engine Upgrade

    I'm sorry, I wasn't there when that was available. Can I ask what was/is the reason that the feature was removed/shouldn't be added?
  14. Lo siento por responder aquí pero tienes los mensajes bloqueados, enviame un PM en el foro, abrazo! huh.
  15. Event Type: Chicken Arrest Prize: $1.000.000 Winner(s): Crim.Wolf1 Helper(s)(LWS/G6): M7mod Location: G6 Screens:
  16. AYE

  17. TugaThugs Media Archive

    The deal that we can't refuse Participants: Cripz, Tuga Thugs In the morning of Friday 26/5, we were contacted by Tuga Thugs member Brondy, we felt something deep in his voice that's why we started to think it over, we invited him to our base to see what was going on with him. He came with another TT member to help him, when they arrived we greeted them and asked what's the matter. He said that he has an offer that we can't refuse, offer means business, business means a deal and the deal means lot's of benefits to CripZ as we know the methods to benefit from deals backwards and forward. We didn't waste time in guessing what is his offer to CripZ, he said that he is here to buy the stolen Yosemite as he is going to pay whatever we say. Taking the deal was a tough call due to our lack of cars these days, but we ain't wet behind the ears. We know how to steal and how to bring ourselves what we need, we took the deal seriously and started the talk about it. They said that we are loosing nothing so we offered 75,000$. They didn't hesitate in accepting it and asked us to have a look on it, we took them to the place we were hiding it and Mr.Duffy started to explain it's specifications. They were fulfilled with it and feeling so comfortable then we asked about the money, Brondy gave me the money and i asked Laggiaze to take the money bags, also Mr.Duffy gave Immortal the keys to let them go. They were pleased for dealing with us and confirmed that they'll come for this again. We let go of the road, they drove it and CripZ had gained 75,000 bucks, Mr.Duffy called me and discussed that now we are in lack of cars so we have to find more ways for getting cars. Quote From CripZ
  18. Giveaways

    Depends on how you look at it.
  19. Bike Engine Upgrade

    No. V8s used to be available for bikes as well but were removed for a reason.
  20. For this thread, I'm going to use the NRG-500 as the primary example motorcycle due to the fact that it's the most common one. Motorcycles, such as the NRG, are used by many players in SAES:RPG. However, they are very slow compared to something like the Cheetah, Infernus, and Police Cars. This is especially true if the cars have v8 engines, or if someone doesn't "hump" the NRG or do wheelies while driving. Therefore, I'd like to suggest that motorcycles can be upgraded with something similar to the engine upgrade of select cars. Since it obviously can't be called a v8 engine upgrade, I'd call it a four-stroke engine upgrade. I'd make it cost 500k and increase the total speed of the NRG to ~230 or more, which I believe is more than fair enough.
  21. CripZ Media Archive

    What you seed is what you reap Participants: Cripz, Enternia First of all, we have to say that CripZ had a really great way of profit with it's alcohol industry as we can deal whatever we want with our unlimited amount of alcohols. But the criminal life is not only alcohols and drugs as well we have to boost our strength and power by dealing some weapons to kick away some asses from our businesses. We contacted Enternia to be our way for boosting CripZ strength. We went to their base in LV and met Mistic, he was waiting us with 2 other guys. I told him why we were there and then ZaZa asked him if we can get in to have a talk about the deal. We entered the hall, he asked us to sit and I took the lead in the conversation. He asked us what do we need, i told him we want boxes filled with weapons, weapons from all types whether M4, ak-47, snipers and UZI. He wanted to know how many boxes they have to get us, we told him we need dozens of boxes thus, we were able to rise to the occasion and make the deal a success. We told them we gonna give them alcohol facing the weapons boxes, they accepted but, they asked to treble the amount of weapons boxes will be alcohol boxes, so 1 box of weapons facing 3 boxes of alcohols that made us thinking it over but we accepted in the end. We told them that we will continue the deal in our warehouse at Whetstone so they gonna bring our shipment there, We left the place and directed to Whetstone where the deal will take place. They came with the weapons shipment, we greeted them and then they asked for a help in unloading the boxes from the truck. I requested Laggiaze and nyx to help me in carrying the boxes and putting them in our storage, that was the time to get them the alcohol boxes therefore we loaded them in their truck and the deal was done successfully. They thanked us for doing such a great business like that and so did we.
  22. Rest In Peace Red Devils Mc

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