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  3. The Company Event Name: Chicken Shootah LWS/G6: [AA]Ma7mod Prize : 1.000.000$ Winner(s): UE|Castiel
  4. U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Office of the Executive San Andreas, 700-004 24/04/2018 Dear @sigmonlp, Thank you for providing us with the requested information, you have passed the application stage and will now be tested by either me or @CodeX# in-game. Yours sincerely, Payne Michael Payne FBI Director, Office of the Executive
  5. Official Quote Wall

    Do you know what makes it even funnier ? He is studying English Language and Literature xD
  6. F.B.I. Federal Bureau of Investigation Activity 23.4.2018
  7. ICE ROLEPLAY! Date: 23.04.2018 Main characters: [WA]Joseffrags,ICE|Sam|L,ICE|WInston|HQ Story: Late in the night we stopped one guy because his car was not driveable and he had jail clothes on him!
  8. I am in need of professional graphic designers who are willing to get work done quickly without losing their profsnal)))) i will, of course, pay yo ass! Message me here or preferably on discord, Donnahh #7380 Tank yewwwww!)))))
  9. ~TST Activity~ 23/04/2018 Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/7w5lgBK
  10. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Activity* Date: 25/04/2018 ScreenShot :
  11. STAGE 1 Name: Daniel Account Name: Skazgud Nationality: USA Are you over 16 years of age? If no, please specify your age: Yes Do you have a ProCop diploma? If no, please specify why: No, I am relatively new Previous G/S/C memberships and why you left: N/A Why do you wish to join the FBI: I want to join so that I can uphold the law and protect the innocent. Why should we accept you: I will remain loyal and active. STAGE 2 – GIVE SHORT ANSWERS What is roleplaying: Consciously acting out a role. What is deathmatching: Attacking another player with no just cause. Tell us three server rules (F1): No DM, No Excessive Harassing, No Impersonation of staff. Are you allowed to deathmatch: No STAGE 3 What are your English skills out of 1 to 10: 10 What are your driving skills out of 1 to 10: 7 What are your shooting skills out of 1 to 10: 7 What are your role-play skills out of 1 to 10: 5 What are your strengths: Driving, Speaking English, Altruism What are your weaknesses: Roleplaying is something I'm familiar with but never had much practice.
  12. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 141* *Fake money* Participants: [WA]SQuiZo & [WA]KayleR & Commandos Story: One day we get a call from a civillian and he tell us that he need 30 kg of drugs , we accepted to deliver for him the drugs . we put the 30kg of drugs in the car and we start moving , we have fun in the car because we will get a good price . the civillian was in LS and when we arrived at him he lookes a good person so he give us the money and we give him the drugs , we checked the money and then we back at LV , so we started calculating the money and sadly we get trolled by him the first part was real money but the second part wasen't real that means copied money all of us get angry and we planed to take revenge of him . we start moving to LS again and we start searching for him and finnaly we find it and we tell him to give us the drugs and we take him with us and we kidnap him then we end his life , and finally we get our revenge . Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ba82VZW
  13. Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA

    Release Date: 4 May
  14. AA Media Archive

  15. 23/04/2018 San Fierro (8/8)
  16. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 140* *Do not Joke with us* Participants: Wild Angels Story: Yesterday was one of the best days for me & Pump & Squizo and Kayler. It was a party of Getting The bank Robbed.So, I called Kayler to Go but some Weed For us.Suddenly he called me cause a robber steals his car comes. Then, He came Base. we take another car to go get Kayler's car back. When We got there we found him trying to get the Car's Damaged a bit that we can't notice it's Kayler's Car. Anyway, We aimed at him and told him to get in the car or get Transported to god. He got in Scared, then we Changed the place that can't anyone see us. When We reached the other Place we Asked him Questions, But he didn't answer so I Shot him in his leg. Like that he Told us all things about him (His Name Reason for doing this ...) Then I shot the real Shot and it was in his Face. Then I got the car and came back to continue the Party Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/DWw8Rqq
  17. 23/04/2018 Las Venturas (8/8)
  18. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    Van Carjacked Story: Like Always I do Leaning Marianna, I heard my Phone Ringing and it's one Of Mid Night Club called Tonny. He is in need of A van where he can Put So many Drugs and Arms to transport. I think that I have seen one near Las Venturas famous Restaurant Big Chicken As I Remember and it's located in the North. So I got my car and went there and it's really was there parked. After checking it. I got my gun and attacked 2 shots and it's opened. The door was broken, So it did too much noise, Luckily that in the restaurant was too much music too. So I got in the car and start driving it after cracking it system with the Secret Stuff of Wild Angels. Then I got Paid for that when I reached Mid Night Club Base Screenshots: Created by : Pump
  19. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    No life without Drugs Story: No one didn't know the Party that MNC will do after a week. To prepare itself, The gang called me for some Drugs. It's the most important thing that all can't Do a party without it. I didn't answer No. So I got my car from the Parking then I went to see can this deal make a lot of Money and it's really Did. When I got there I found him waiting for me with all the Patience he got to see What I got for him. We talked a bit when I showed him The goods. When you see his Face you will be happy by yourself. He was Interested in Fuck. He got all that I got that time in Trunk. Then he paid and we shook hands like all Friends do. Screenshots: Created by:Pump
  20. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    Preparing for A race Participants:Wild Angels & Mid Night Club Story: Once I can reflect and stay without any problem, I get a call from a gang for a mission or a deal and that's what happened today. When I was playing social games with Pump, I received a call from the Mid Night Club Leader to deal with him in a rather expensive deal. So I accepted the store and brought him a medium amount of marijuana and waited for him with a pump. After we came, we started the deal, which consisted of giving them medicines to make us an illegal race for great angels just like we can make our gang more famous and famous. However, I have shown him drugs after we have made a deal of the race. Take it after testing it and place it in the trunk. We shook hands with each other and he told me he owed me and wanted to deal with other deals and then returned to MNC. So, I went with Pump to Play Social Games again maybe I can have a good reflex. Screenshots:
  21. 23 / 04 / 2018 Event Type: Fallout L-M-S Location: LS Groove Street Beside Prize: 1.000.000 $ LWS/G6: Kybali0n[1.618] Winner(s): [AA]Seervio
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