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  2. Excellent idea as well Tilong. The current system is just not sustainable.
  3. Or maybe make a gui that holds all the ad's so you can scroll through them. Use the command /advertisement to open and close the gui.
  4. Hello Sahin, I've seen you patroling with us and so on. After reviewing your apply, you have lack information on it, which doesn't meet our standards. Your english skills are not good enough. Therefore I'm sorry to say, your application is denied for now. If you're interested you can apply again after 2 weeks.
  5. Which game should i buy : Rainbow Six Siege , Arma 3 , DayZ or something else ?

    1. Hamza

      I recommend you to buy Rainbow Six Siege.

  6. Show us Yourself v2

    with my Brother Dallas197
  7. Today
  8. Donation:Marty12345 (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    money reward - sorted 2 cars - sorted small interior - pending as the player got no house yet
  9. Paladins; Champions Of The RealM

    Nice ^^ add me if you wanna play lvl 68, Dominik335 is my name
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  11. will look into the handling of the elegy and make it less drifty.
  12. Ingame name: FlexReal name: MohamedAge: 16Nationality: TunisianTimezone: GMT+1Languages able to speak: Arabic,Frensh,English.Current Server Groups: PC,RAFMMilitary Experience: I do not have any military experience.Participation on DE recruitments: I have participated on 3 DE recruitments in total.Access to ZIP or admin panel: Unforunately,no.Access to other special abilities ingame: N/AAccess to TS: Yes.Access to IRC: Yes.How would you define DE: DE has many units,such as "Assault Unit' which is a fighting force that fights primarily on land.Also , there is "Airborne Unit" which have to support the ground unit which known as "Assault Unit" with some air strike and much staff.And ,there is "Naval Unit" which is a fleet of waterborne, it includes anything conducted by surface, such as Ship,Submarine,amphibious ships.Naval operations can be broadly divided between riverine and littoral applications.And the most important thing is that DE's main goal is keeping San Andreas clear of CLO.How would you define MCC: MCC are a bunch of civilians who decided to support the military with a lot of staff. Such as repairing vehicles,transporting and handling materials and supplies with DE as Destination.Also there is the Reserves unit which are real combat fighters,and they might join DE's simple missions.Why would you like to join MCC: Well , i really want to join MCC since i like supporting the military (Desert Eagles).Also to get some of my fellow law enforcers a little better and get some extra RP experience.Why should we accept you: Well, i'm not the most skilled player in the server.But i am a great roleplayer which can be proven by me being PC and i am good at teamworking and i would like to be a part of MCC, because im really sure that i can learn a lot there.RolePlay Experience: As i said earlier, im good at roleplaying because i enjoy doing it all the time.Able to follow orders: Yes.What MCC Department would you like to join: I would like to join CEU.Logistics:Experience with trucks: I got enough experience as trucks since i was playing as trucker 24/7 when i started playing SAESs inorder to get some money.Experience with airplanes: I can fly airplanes very well.Experience with ships: Well, to be totally honest, i'm not that good at sailing.Experience with logging and reporting: Yes, since im a member of an official police squad which is TST.So i used to call backup and reporting my situation via radio.Imagination review (how creative are you): I am not that creative, but i'm good enough.Mechanical Engineering: Experience with ZIP panel: No.Able to work fast: Absolutley.Knowledge of SA map: I do know the whole map of San Andreas.Imagination review (how creative are you): As i said earlier, i'm good enough.Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.): Yes, i am.Reserves:Former Combat groups:Teamwork rate:Able to resist variability:Resistant for stress and heavy workload:Emotionally unstable: No.-------------------------------------------------------------If you can read this, post a picture of rhino inside A69 with your application to even be consired.
  13. Paladins; Champions Of The RealM

    This game is fcking awesome, I've got Sha-lin Androxus and much more already. My favorite is maeve
  14. Yes Or No

    Yes Do you think you deserve the sword of Gordic Griffiondor?
  15. This is an automated post for: Marty12345Donation: GBP 20.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! cars: A black PD buffalo/dodge/charger car, and a Super GT Thank you for your donation!
  16. Event Type : LMS Prize : $1.000.000 LWS|G6 : Xoeric Winner(s) : [B~B]Westbrook
  17. Paladins; Champions Of The RealM

    started it right nao
  18. CripZ Media Archive

    Stealing & Selling Participants: CripZ & MMC So we were sitting in our base chilling and we got hungry, we wanted to go to taco bell. we got in our cars and went there, when we got there we noticed a business man with a brand new car, when he went inside we had the idea to steal his car as it can be sold for a lot, we took the car and quickly went back to our base, we checked the engine and the car, and we were right. the car was brand new with a v10 engine, 2 days later we got a call from a famous gang looking for a car, the gang was Mongols MC. since were one of the most famous car sellers they went to us. we went to the place of meeting to talk about price's and so they can see the car and offer us something. they said that the car was new and good looking, but they knew that it was stolen. it didn't bother them much and we went for 195k for the price for that car and he agreed. they asked us to come inside and have some drinks and celebrate the deal. we had a good time with them and then we went back to our base with the money
  19. Event Type : CARSHOW Prize : $1.000.000 LWS|G6 : Zaza Winner(s) : R3dph0X|ST*
  20. @Lacuna You filled in the logistics information but you chose reserves i wana just inform that Logistics and Mechanical Engineering are the same unit
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  22. Yes Or No

    Yes its fancy :D Should Frisout switch to Gryffindor?
  23. CripZ Media Archive

    #Event Type(155): Sniper Shooter#Date: 23/04/2017#LWS/G6 Helper: [AA*]Viki#Prize(s): 1,500,000$#Winner(s): z|xenioScreens:
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