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    If wishes were horses, beggars might ride Participants: CripZ, MMC Today's morning blazing, we had lot's of things to do .. No time for having any type of fun. After the major problems we had with cops recently, they are keeping eyes on us everywhere and waiting for any lacuna they can pass to us through. We instantly made a plan which is getting a fast and flexible freeway that can dodges and evades cops between Los Santos streets so we can hit them one by one easily. We asked our agents through the city about the way to get a freeway with all of these specifications, most of them told us that MMC would help a lot. We made a call to MMC and informed them that we are on our way to have a good deal with them. They welcomed us then we started to talk about that. We told them the specifications of the freeway we need to buy but they kept asking about the purpose of it and that was our own business also we can't speak about that except if we need help. After they insisted on that, i spontaneously shouted at them not to talk about that and continue talking about the deal. They brought us the freeways they had and started discussing each. We pointed out at the black freeway, it was looking comfortable with us. They asked us to make a drive test on it and see if we feel comfortable with it. I took Forg and started to see the freeway's top speed and acceleration also it's drifts but all was great. We told them we are ready to pay whatever they offer for it, they said it's very expensive then i requested Nicky to bring the money bags from the Savanna's trunk, he dropped them on the ground to let the club member have a look on them. They counted them very well and nothing was missing. I asked them to give me the key so we can take the freeway and don't waste more time. They brought the key and gave it to me, we thanked them and so did they. I turned on the engine and started to walk on a way that no cop can follow us.
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    Neither did almost anyone else and this is an english forum, talk your own language in pm's...
  4. What you like to do

    I like to play with my dick
  5. how old are you ?

    134 but have been modified troughout the years, I'm a robot and my latest upgrade was 23/4/2017.
  6. how old are you ?

    15 years old .
  7. What weapon you like?

  8. What you like to do

    i like to play football
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  11. Show us Yourself v2

    Do you honestly think that people really care whether you're lying or not bruh?
  12. Is that you on the profile picture ? Damn , hot...

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    RIP Bulgarians was nice knowing you. gz blade
  14. ignore :O :O

  15. Show us Yourself v2

    Let's all ignore Nango!
  16. Show us Yourself v2

    its me you want proof ask 420|marvel
  17. Show us Yourself v2

    xD mate jk
  18. Show us Yourself v2

    no its ok, keep wanking on 'cute boys with blue eyes' pictures. I hate liars.
  19. Show us Yourself v2

    It's obvious you are not that guy who would post a pic on forums on his first day he registered?
  20. Show us Yourself v2

    OMG !!! xD :D i was joking but my real picture gonna add it now
  21. Show us Yourself v2

  22. Show us Yourself v2

    lol :O ? how its me you want proof lol xD....
  23. Show us Yourself v2

    so cute, blue eyes..
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