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  2. TST - The Strike Team

    This means we as HQ and our normal members will discuss you. Feel free to patrol with us in the mean time and show us your best side, it may help you. Your anwsers will be posted here soon. Good luck! -TST HQ
  3. CripZ Media Archive

    #Event Type:(650): LMS #Date: 20/02/2018 #LWS/G6 Helper :CripZ>Brondy # Prize: 2.000.000 $ #Winner: O|Fnabbe410 #Screens:
  4. hur mar du BOG KAFTEN

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  7. Show us Yourself v2

  8. This is an automated post for: JacksDonation: GBP 10.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Can I have a police car in MI6 base? (Exactly like the picture?) (If I donate another 10 gbp could u place a police helicopter to in the base?)
  9. "According to the report, one of the civilian cars was stolen, and then he told the cops that he found his car looted and burned. He said that the person who did this was an orange bandana. We realized that these people were Tuga Thugs Gang and we found and arrested the person who was looting the car.He was turning around the Near of Ocean Docks with a Tuga Thugs Motor." Special Thanks to:[TT*]Learn,SAFP|Tsetseen.|CDT,SAFP|Mephisto|SGT
  10. Welcome, roleplayers!

    Just about time !
  11. Date: 20/02/2018 Participans: @SoulFly @nessn @Asgal Story: We were only patrolling the navy, and we took care of a freight ship, there was a dubious condition that we patrolled the sea boat to the ship. I immediately docked and connected the ropes we jump into the freight ship and look in the bullets of the guns before we get in, and we go in silently as soon as we're ready everything was ready watching slowly and slowly as we walked in and behaved like a ghost without sound everything was clean until the helm of the ship, and we decided to go inside the warehouse and the warehouse was filled with boxes we needed to call them immediately we wanted to find a few open boxes and those who were closed did not touch at all the ship seemed to be clean, after we settled on our own boat, we made calls with headquarters radios and told us to end the cycle. we calmly chaired the General Headquarters and finished the cycle successfully. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/VFu1h Mr. @Asgal who prepares the RP.
  12. Show us Yourself v2

  13. Event Type : Hunter Shooter Prize $1.000.000 LWS/G6 : Dufabo Winner(s) : Moley Screenshots open spoiler ========================================= Event Type : Chicken Nader Prize $1.000.000 LWS/G6 : Dufabo Winner(s) : Raiden screenshots open spoiler Perm from Julio
  14. Dear @NotMixpeko, your status has been changed to DENIED due the fact that you failed all of our tests. You may get re-tested in 3 days, starting from now. Try to improve your Parachuting and driving skills within these days. The Strike Team, HQ Team
  15. CripZ Media Archive

    20/02/2018 Las Venturas Robbery 403 # [8/8]
  16. Show us Yourself v2

    is thsi short?ahahah
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  19. ACTIVITY CHECK To protect with courage, to serve with compassion. - San Andreas Federal Police -
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  21. 25 - Saving FriendParticipants: [TC]Seth( @Seth) , [TC]Ape.Adjuster & Cartman( @Cartman) Story: Seth and Ape was out of money so they decided to rob a store. Ape said that he will be robber and Seth will be driver to escape. Seth was in the car outside of Store while Ape. was robbing the store suddenly a cop came and point gun on Ape. But he dont known that Seth was in the car. So the cop was taking to Ape to Police Department, While he was driving Seth speed up his car and hitted Cop car from behind that the car take a bad turn, Seth suddenly get out and start shooting the cop and Ape start running towards the Seth, Cop was having no chance to survive and died in the car and Seth and Ape escaped successfully.
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