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  4. ►Roleplay◀ Number: 56 RP Name: Selling Ferrari Testarossa to Filex from The Company Particpants: VT|Kewqz|BC, VT|Access|MM, [ThC]Filex|Doj @The Company
  5. -Event number: 26 -Event type: Last man standing only nades -Prize(s): 1,500,000$ -LWS/G6 helper(s): MatizZ -Winner(s): Zodiac -Screen(s):
  6. Event: #1017 Type of event: Boxing 1vs1 Helper(s): [TST]Arma Prize: 1.500.000$ Winner(s): falfoul Screens:
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  8. Sales / Games on Offer

    It doesn't really matter. You've got to have GOG, Origin, Steam, uPlay and a next gen vibrator to play on PC nowadays. It's a free game and that's always welcome! Thanks Michelangelo.
  9. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number 125* Event type: Shooter Fallout LWS/G6: Arma Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner: Curvy ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/Z2Gd2B7
  10. Ingame Nickname: CarterAccount Name: choosen7Date of joining Pro Cop: 23/04/2018Who tested you: @TayberWho invited you: @TayberCurrent Squad/Company: The Strike TeamAge: 19How long have you been on this server?: I'm playing in this server since 2015How long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: 3 yearsRoleplay name: Marty_Deeks
  11. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 139* *Van Carjacked* Participants: Wild Angels & Mid Night Club Story: Like Always I do Leaning Marianna, I heard my Phone Ringing and it's one Of Mid Night Club called Tonny. He is in need of A van where he can Put So many Drugs and Arms to transport. I think that I have seen one near Las Venturas famous Restaurant Big Chicken As I Remember and it's located in the North. So I got my car and went there and it's really was there parked. After checking it. I got my gun and attacked 2 shots and it's opened. The door was broken, So it did too much noise, Luckily that in the restaurant was too much music too. So I got in the car and start driving it after cracking it system with the Secret Stuff of Wild Angels. Then I got Paid for that when I reached Mid Night Club Base Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/XND5lvj
  12. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(629): hunter shooter #LWS/G6 Helper(s): Brondy #Winner(s): SAFP|Deepy|PVT #Prize: $1.000.000 #ScreenShot:
  13. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 138* *No life without Drugs* Participants: Wild Angels & Mid Night Club Story: No one didn't know the Party that MNC will do after a week. To prepare itself, The gang called me for some Drugs. It's the most important thing that all can't Do a party without it. I didn't answer No. So I got my car from the Parking then I went to see can this deal make a lot of Money and it's really Did. When I got there I found him waiting for me with all the Patience he got to see What I got for him. We talked a bit when I showed him The goods. When you see his Face you will be happy by yourself. He was Interested in Fuck. He got all that I got that time in Trunk. Then he paid and we shook hands like all Friends do. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/IEsTBYU
  14. Official Quote Wall

  15. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 137* *Transported Arms* Participants: Wild Angels & Mid Night Club Story : These Days the Highways Police are back and it can be a danger to transport Goods or something not allowed and That's what I like to do Today, Transporting some arms from Las Venturas to our Base in San Fierro. So I called the Professionals in these Missions Mid Night Club and Went to their Base which located in Las Venturas. When I went there We talked a bit about what he will transport and all. After that, I took the Guns from Wild Angels' Car to Mid Night Club one, Then I leaned a cigar and waited for the MNC's Member to do the job. After 30 Mins I saw the Car coming back. So I prepared myself to pay for him and that's what Happened Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/DVylmam
  16. CIA Announcements

    No. Please refrain from posting in this topic, if u need anything contact me via pm or check the main topic. In the name of the directorate of Public Affairs from the CIA, Yours Sincerely, Mike Lowrey
  17. Amazon Classics Giveaway

    If you are a Amazon Kindle user you should see this. https://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_nr_p_n_feature_browse-b_mrr_0?fst=as:off&rh=n:283155%2Ck:AmazonClassics+Edition%2Cp_n_feature_browse-bin:618073011&keywords=AmazonClassics+Edition&ie=UTF8&qid=1520538646&rnid=618072011
  18. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number 124* Event type: LMS LWS/G6: Zombie Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner: Afk. ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/5G0AnuL
  19. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Activity* Recorded and Edited by GanJa
  20. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Supporting The company in the bank rob* Date: 22/04/2018 ScreenShot
  21. 22 / 04 / 2018 Event Type: Kart Shooter Location: CS Area Prize: 1.000.000 $ LWS/G6: [AAFTW]Zombie Winner(s): [TT]Pwneed
  22. SAPD :: Shadowlog

    Applicant: Paint Link to the application: Link to Pro Cop sign in: Tested by: @WolkodaV Invited by: @zeking
  23. SAPD :: Shadowlog

    Applicant: Predator Link to the application: Link to Pro Cop sign in: Tested by: @WolkodaV Invited by: @zeking
  24. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 136* *Weed is Life .* Participants: Karma , Sweet , Urban , Pump Story : It was 20:00 in Las Venturas , while Wild Angels gangsters was chilling around the city and they got a call by a guy named "Sweet" who was a part of the Zero Organization ... He requested some weed to buy because he heard that we have the cuban weed . Karma accepted his request and he told him to meet him at 21:00 PM behind Las Venturas Bank. After one hour , Wild Angels and Zero Organization met at the right location and they started their deal . So Karma asked Sweet to show him the money, Sweet went to his car and opened the trunk ... He took out a suitcase from the trunk and put it on the back of the car then Karma started counting the money ... After counting the money , Karma Took out the weed bag from his car trunk and he gaves it to Sweet so he can test this weed .
  25. earth day

  26. Type: Chicken arrest LWS/G6: Zwolle Prize: 1,000,000 Winner: Harb Screenshots:
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