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  2. Event Type: Chicken Nader Prize: $1.000.000 LWS/G6/ZIP: Trevor Winner(s): Pozmester Screenshots:
  3. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Type of Event: True or False Prize : $1,000,000 Winner(s) : Duff LWS: Trevor Screenshot's: Type of Event: Street Fight Prize : $1,000,000 Winner(s) : Nirjhor LWS: Trevor Screenshot's:
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  6. free images San Andreas Stock Images

    --RESERVED-- Png images
  7. Event Type: Date:18/01/2017 Prize:1.000.000$ LWS:Duff Winner: Kybalion
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  9. free images San Andreas Stock Images

    --RESERVED-- Miscellaneous images [Backgrounds, Architecture, Nature, etcetera]
  10. free images San Andreas Stock Images

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  13. free images San Andreas Stock Images

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  16. TST - The Strike Team

    @Raz0r: Denied, reason (Stupid attitude ingame)
  17. TST Media Archive

    TST Activity Check 18.01.2017 Total Online: 8 Screenshots:
  18. SKY-DIVING TRAINING Training Led By: Rambo Training Location: TT Base Date: 19/01/2017 Participants:SDO|Rambo,SDO|Trevor,SDO|Armade,SDO-H|Mogan,SDO-|Jere and SDO-H|HellGuard Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/CLIhT
  19. I agree with logi
  20. TugaThugs Media Archive

    -Turfing Activity - - War Date : 19 / 01 / 2017 - War Type : Attacking - War Against : Underground Empire - War Violence : Low - Zones Turfed : Whole LS - Screen Shots : http://imgur.com/a/Gkkfw - Zones Before : - Zones After :
  21. PART: I ▶ In-game name:Adam ▶ Account name:adam69 ▶ How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?:Since 2011 ▶ Total gameplay time:672 Hours ▶ How often do you visit the forums?:Always ▶ Do you have a microphone?:Yes ▶ Do you have TeamSpeak 3 installed?:Yes PART: II ▶ Real name:Adam ▶ Age:17 ▶ Gender:Male ▶ Nationality:Tunisian ▶ Where do you live?:Tunisia , Sousse ▶ Timezone[with GMT Format]:GMT +1 ▶ Native language:Arab ▶ Other language(s):Frensh , English , Deutsh ▶ Rate your English proficiency on a scale of (1-10):7/10 PART: III ▶ Previous organizations(state the names in order):TST 2 times , FBI Twice (lvl 2), SAPA , RDMC, TT, GJMC, SK ▶ Why did you leave or why were you kicked(state the reason in detail)?: FBI : left for Problems with other Members and Second time i left For the same problem TST : Kicked because of a abuse ban and Second time left for Inactivity SAPA : left because i finished my PC mission GJMC , TT , RDMC and SK : i was 13 that time haha so i was a little bit of a hopper(old account) ▶ Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server(if yes, why)?: Yes , i have been banned once for Money bug abuse ▶ Do you have Procops Access?:Kicked ▶ Are you in any groups?:RAFM PART: IV ▶ Write your strengths and weaknesses in one paragraph:I always had a bad internet so that will result to lagging.And i can't drive boats very well but im good at shooting and arresting and i have a big experience at driving. ▶ Why do you want to join NNB?:I really want to join NNB because it's a very active squad and it has an experienced Cops. ▶ Why should we let you join us?:You should accept me because i have a big experience in cops life and im so loyal and active. ▶ Did you read all F1/NNB Rules and accept them?:Yes ▶ State two rules of NNB with your own sentences:You need to respect all SAES player and don't insult them. Don't act like a kid and toll in RPs. ▶ Describe Roleplay:It's acting as real life like the cop life with stopping traffics... ▶ Describe NNB's role in SAES:NNB's Roleplay is the Proffessional Agents who trying to defeat Crim in San Andreas and Drugs cases are important for them. ▶ What is team spirit?:NNB's spirit is Working as a Team(TeamWork) to success in any mission. ▶ What do you do if someone is deathmatching you?/report ▶ Describe revenge-dm:It's damaging a player that he killed you before and that's what we call it revenge and rulebreak in the same time ▶ What is marker arrest?:It's arresting Crims within a marker(Interiors...) ▶ Tell us something about yourself(give us detail about your real life): My name is Adam , i play saes Since 2011 , i have some problems in server with behaviour , i have a police carreer in game i was PC twice i tried to join Crims side but i couldn't so i am being in the good side again .And Thanks For Reading Guys
  22. Texas ~ Cartel | Media Archive

    ~Turfing FC and SF (18-01-2017)~
  23. gov plox
  24. Bazuka's designs (free)

    @Bazuka could you maybe make one for me? To use a photo on forums ? ^^
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