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  2. Ok, since you need me to be a bit more clear here i go.......I think its a shit idea because the police already have enough. Better? -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1
  3. Kennys Been to India it seems!!

    Eggland is a shit hole that has been over run with Muslims since they opened the doors for them. Good thing im American!!!!
  4. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    Omar isn't AA anymore. Got burnt ;)
  5. I - BASIC INFORMATION Real Name: Karim In-game Name: Lionel Account: lionel1 Age: 16 Primary Language: arabic Other Languages: English France Arabic II - GAME INFORMATION How long have you being playing MTA? 1 years How long have you being playing SAES? 1 week Are you PC (ProCop)? no Past squad/gang/companies (State if you left or were kicked and why): none Current and past groups (State the reason if left or kicked): none What is RP? (Explain using 15 words or more): Roleplay(RP) is acting like you are in real life.For example when a cop stops a person.He has to show him the papers and everything. What is DM? (Explain using 15 words or more): Deathmatch(DM) is not allowed on the server.It means killing a random person for no reason. What is Park-Killing? (Explain using 15 words or more): It means killing a person with a car.When the person is already under the vehicle the guy that rulebreaks leaves the vehicle.It is not allowed. III - RULES KNOWLEDGE Did you read and agree with all F1 rules? i do Did you read and agree with all SAFP rules? yes What is the minimum wanted level for arrest? 5 Are you allowed to arrest or kill other police officers? no Are you allowed to arrest/kill in hospitals? no Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events? no Is marker-arresting allowed? no Explain SAFP's rule 3: you should always be free to do a Roleplay.Especially if someone asks you to do it.You should always at least try to Roleplay before arresting a criminal. Explain SAFP's rule 4: You should never arrest people that have 4 stars or less. Explain SAFP's rule 8: ALT are SAFPs allies.You should never them.You should do completely opposite(giving them bribe,Roleplay with them or just simply leave them). IV - MISC. INFORMATION Your strengths: Driving Arresting Roleplaying,flying, Your weaknesses: i dont think so Have you received any bans from the server? If yes, why? no Why did you decide to join our squad? (Use 15 words or more): My Friend Recommonded me to join SAFP also i want to help this squad to be More Active in game. Explain why we should accept you (Use 15 words or more): I am a skilled player.Also I am very friendly and sometimes I like to joke around a little.I dont get mad fast which is the best thing probably.People can trust me because I am a good guy.I am very active.Everyday I am playing MTA for 3+ hours. Who recommended you applying for SAFP? none
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  7. @Royalty first of all i wanne thank you for helping me so fast the last time and say im sorry for asking to re-locate and change the cars of my donation twice in one week im sorry i didnt ment for this to happen but i have found the perfect location to have all my cars in one spot so im very sorry and im hoping you guys could do me a favor and change and re-locate the chopper and car i got now and add them to my new location cause i have found a great location from where i wanne start a base for myself i will not ask for a new reward change after this for a very long time so im sorry in advance Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 40 When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? 17-08-2017 Why do you need this change? i have bought a great location where i would like to start a base with all my cars in one spot Links to your donation topics: Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1:fbi rancher Location: 459921 Gimphouse Interior: no ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1:huntley Location: gengers lv garage Username: mistercarlos nickname sael-s Interior: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: leviathan Location: lv airport Interior: no ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1:super gt Location: gengers lv garage Username: nickname sael-s Interior: ======================================================================== pictures of the location where i wanne store all my cars
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  9. cedko :DDDDD

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  11. SAES Meme pictures!

    just me i think?
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  14. This is an automated post for: sael-SDonation: GBP 14.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Thank you for your donation! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- good afternoon i have donated now 40 pounds in total and i have 1 chopper and 1 car now so i would like to add 2 more and change the chopper and other car to my new location and add a interiorso 4 cars in total i will also make an reward change topic for those car 1 :super gt car 2 :fbi rancher 1,4m in cash and interior L19 i would like to have this interior location : Gengars Lv Garage house owner mistercarlos nickname:sael-s here you got the 2 links of my previous donations
  15. League of Legends - General Chat

    lol urf? very hard
  16. Official Quote Wall

    Yeah, I'm not so retarded, to say thanks to myself, huh.. Hammer is my friend, he was also in my gang with me, lol.
  17. Today's Activity : 9 Online Members Los Santos Bank Robbery (8/8)
  18. The Company™ || Activity Feed

    The Company's Jailbreak.
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  21. The sweet revenge.... PART IV Participants: WMC Members, [NSA]Arkan, and FOX members. It had to be done at some point, we've received another photo of our police officer that we're trying to find, but he keeps his name in secret, unlike his partner, you could clearly his badge on the photography. It took no time to track his ass down. It was already getting late, so we went for a 'ride' since he was taking night shifts, we found his vehicle driving around LV, we drove our van just in front of his, he stopped, we threw him out of the car and pushed in the back of the van. It happened so quickly that no one even saw anything, that's good. Ah.. good ol' desert, the best place for stuff like this, we took his ass to Las Venturas Quarry, it was night-time so no one was working there, we tied him up and asked several questions about our 'mysterious officer', this guy was weak as fuck, in no time he told us everything we need, but... you can't leave him talking... we threw him of the hill.... Ouch! You're dead now moose meat, we got the name of officer and the patrol unit, he was patrolling in LS-RC region, took us half an hour to find him, crashed his car, there were 2 of them, threw them out, tied one of them up and left there, and took our targer [FOX]Sam with us and took him to our farm, for a 'friendly' talk. Firstly, we took a picture of our brotha' he said that he doesn't know him, but we already noticed that he started to panic. Then we took another picture of our brother and him in once of the car accidents, where he shot our brother down. He was saying sorry and offering us money, but money was not the right subject is this case, we took our previous made explsovis and attached to him. Hmm, what a better place to set off fireworks than in most famous casino right in Las Venturas. We took him inside and tied him near the slot machines where cameras can't get us. You think we'll bomb it? Nah, we're seeking for revenge, death is nothing compared to stuff we've planned. We called his 'friends' 911, that there's a guy with c4 saying that will blow up everyone. As everything were planned already, we edited the secuirty cameras and added this fake video instead where you can see him walking by himself, alone. We were looking how cops arrive from the other side of street. Other cops didn't believe in his 'fake' stories and as we were informed, judge got him in the jail for 30 years, but he won't last that long since cops are not welcome in jail and he'll probably get shot down iat some point.That's how revenge looks like, i hope he'll have fun there, motherfucker. The end of 'The sweet revenge' Thanks for everyone who participated in this roleplay.
  22. Official Quote Wall

  23. The Company™ || Activity Feed

    Roleplay #7 (Side Roleplay) Mercy ends up everything The Company was in need of an information, staying in the Police Department of Los Santos.This information was really important for them as well as in this information, there was an operation which was made against a transport and that transport was willing to be led by The Company.They had to do something, they thought long and they had an idea.They thought about old times, civilizations were defeated because of mercy, children comes up better than anything and they knew that a castle shall be defeated inside.They made a long investigation about Chris Tyrson, who was working as a Police Officer in the Police Department of Los Santos.They found that this guy has two daughters, they also made an investigation about daughters.They found a date, which was done by their children to a trip.They prepared up and they came at the place that the daughters were going to go to trip of.They kidnapped the daughters. They called the Police Officer, they threated the Officer by killing their daughters if he will not bring the information to them.They let the Police hear the voices of his daughters.He was anxious, in a side, his lovely job.In a side his daughters for twenty years, his dreams and other things.He chose to bring the information to them. The Officer called back the phone up, they accepted the phone call.The Police Officer told them to not touch to their daughters, he told that he will bring the information that they wanted in an hour, he wanted the address to meet up.The gang members gave him the address and the police came at the location.Firstly, the Police gave the information up, they also left a watcher at the Police Department if he brought the right information.The watcher agreed that the information is right.They got the information up and let them go. The Company ~ Things are more complicated than you think The Company
  24. Handcuff

    hey another suggestion about handcuff
  25. Kennys Been to India it seems!!

    I can see that.. Completely unnecessary shit.
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