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  2. Housing Agents Required

    Denied Teddy, gtfo
  3. Housing Agents Required

    Name: tody Nationality: brexit Sex: yes please Why you?: im inactive so i fit in with staff very well! Previous bans/punishments: dmed lv cross with shamal. got banned. worth it
  4. San Andreas Fire Department

    Ingame name: C|Alex. Real name: Alex. Age:19. Gender: Male. Nationality: Bulgaria Languages spoken: Bulgarian and English. How good is your english? (On a scale of 1 to 10) : 8 Did you get kicked or banned (If so, why?): I am not kicked or banned How long have you been playing on SAES: I play on SAES from 5 months. Strength and weaknesses:Strenght: My Strenghts are Driving,Shooting,Fighting,Teamwork and Turfs . My weaknesses is RP. Why do you want to be a SAFD ? : I want join group. I like SAFD and I want to help us. Why would we choose YOU over the others ? : I am active player and I am loyale. Explain what the word (Role Play) means: Roleplay means you act and intercact with other players like in real life Explain what the word (Deathmatch) means: Deathmatching is killing a person for no reason Explain what (teamwork) is : Teamwork is and a team of people working in a team. Talk a bit about yourself : My name is Alex. I am from Bulgaria. My town is Bourgas. I am 19 years old. I like computer games and sports as basketball and football. I study in High School. Write some server rules : Players have only one account. Don't spawn as cop or medic in turf war. Dont Provoke other people in the turf to attack you . The prison area is not camping or deathmatching zone.
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  6. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    RP#100- never play with us Participants: Overdoescrime and sapa story:one day I received a call that there is a cops from sapa called bozi he caught karma in ls after I heared that I called nubbob my friend I told him to get ready because we will save karma before reach jail after 2 of received the call me and nubbob was ready for save karma we we saw them on ls-lv highway after that we stopped bozi we tol told him to give yourself up after that we take karma from bozi car to car of us we find that bozi hit him very much I told karma that I will take u revenge I told bozi that u will die cause u arrest and hit one of us I told him that I will kill to know that if anyone tried to arrest us or hurt us we will kill him after that me and nubbob killed him after that we went to the café to celebrate that karma with us again
  7. Housing Agents Required

    Hi all, SAHA are looking to bring on another two agents to join the current team and assist with all things housing related. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out the following topic for more info:
  8. DDT Event: Event Type: Chiken Shooter LWS/G6 Helper(s): Mattiz Event Prize: 1.000.000$ Hosted By: Break Winner: Leomarkuss Screenshots:
  9. TST RAIDS 21.10.17 https://imgur.com/a/uwLkM
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  11. Varrios Los Aztecas | Media Archive

    Activity ( 65 ) 21.10.2017
  12. Varrios Los Aztecas | Media Archive

    Roleplay ( 90 ) Deserted drug sales. Incredible big drug sales. It's been a long time since we sold drugs. I'm struggling to find new customers, suddenly they said there were a few dark men in Bone County to buy drugs. We had to communicate with them immediately and made a phone call we asked what kind of drugs they needed and they said they would get 4 packets of heroin for a total of 50 kilos. The meeting was set up and we went out to the town of Bone County by packing packages immediately to make a shopping on a deserted area. We were at the meeting place and the buyers were waiting for us, and we quickly tried to negotiate the price between us, and we had a total of 200 kilograms of heroin the total price of these drugs was $ 75,000. To show the packages to the buyers, we opened the luggage rack on the back of the car and removed the heroin packs and introduced them, we tried to try it in a small package as a trial and tried to measure the quality of the drug, they liked the heroin and after getting the money from them, we started to load heroin out of the car and load it on the car of the other customers. The shopping is over and they told us that this trade would be a repeat. By accepting it with pleasure, we ended up talking to you about the best drugs we have for you, no doubt about our sellers. I ran away from the shopping point by riding my cars and everyone left on their own. I called the boss on the road and told him we had finished the transaction successfully and said that we should transfer the money to the gang exchange. After transferring the money to the gang, everyone dispersed to their homes to rest.
  13. MI-6

    Real name:Aziz. Username:azizess1. In game name(Include your previous nick if you have changed your name):Monster. Age:17. Nationality:tunisian. Education level:I am very good at driving and shooting. Country of residence:Tunisian - Sousse. English proficiency:8.9/10. Hours played:5-6-7 Hours. Previous/current gangs/squads/organizations/groups: I was not in a team or a band. Briefly describe your personality:Hi My name is Aziz. I live in Tunisia I have been playing in this server for 5 years I love playing in the police I love boxing and football Today I play between 6-7-8 hours if I give you this apply because this team is good for me. Briefly introduce yourself:Hi My name is Aziz, I am the color of my hair is light brown. The color of my eyes is brown and light. Length 18 meters. Weaknesses:Aircraft driving-My strengths:Driving - Shooting - Detention. Post the ban appeal topic here if you have been banned before:No.
  14. Respawn as last spawn

    so what the house do then ? nothing ?
  15. CripZ Media Archive

    (21/10/2017) San Fierro Robbery #194 [8/8]
  16. SAES Meme pictures!

    Faceapp NanoBob... to be continued
  17. CripZ Media Archive

    (21/10/2017) Las Venturas Robbery #193 [8/8]
  18. @ProHunter Dear Prohunter, thank you for your interest on joining the team. Sadly your application has been "Denied" due to the simple fact that you dident use our applicationformat. You may reapply in 1 week, but i would advise you to apply for SAPA instead as you seem quite new to the server and SAPA is a great place to start your cop career. If you decide to try your luck at SAPA please remember that you have to wait 1 week before you are able to apply, if you decide to apply before 1 week has passed your application will be denied at SAPA. Wishing you the best of luck in the future!
  19. SDO Traning[21/10/17] Hosted by: @Break SDO Members: N/A SDO-Helpers: @Malicious @Driver @LegendPro @Slash , NoobPro Target: TT Base Screens:
  20. TST RAIDS https://resimyukle.xyz/resim/c71JHQ ScreenShots: https://resimyukle.xyz/resim/Hzcx8z https://resimyukle.xyz/resim/CzGd9V https://resimyukle.xyz/resim/yIaVA1 https://resimyukle.xyz/resim/WUOaPG https://resimyukle.xyz/resim/US3VAc
  21. @Nobodyknows Dear Vadim, thank you for your interest on joining the team, your application is now "under review" and has been moved to our forums where it will be checked and discussed through the next few days. The final result will be posted on this topic in the following week. I would advise you to go through your application once more to look for grammatical errors as i found a few mistakes. Feel free to hang around us and join our patrol so we can get to know you better. Wishing you the best of luck.
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