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  3. -Name Of The Roleplay: Incorrect Stir A new day of our life with much stress. We have really done a lot of things to earn our goal, working hard, gaining business, making best deal ever to live and all these things in order to get closer to our goal for which is DDT,This morning was different from usual days of the week,I had a call from unknown guy that some cops in vehicle heard a big stir near DDT cave an they're coming close to DDT grotto,i was surprised did they know about our deals,businesses and dead bodys? i don't think so,they were about to enter our cave and check what's going on inside All of a sudden i went in front of them trying to act like there's nothing here inside,they didn't notarize me welll.They started to act in a rude way and telling me to move away,i was thinking "shall i run away without trouble? No !, it didn't teach me to run in difficult situation.they took their nightsticks and trying to force me to move,As we are, known as terrorists i just got the idea to kill them,So i took a bomb and threw it close to them and started shooting with my gun,after few seconds they had no action to do only by surrendering ,they started to beg me but made they a joke by killing them both and by throwing their bodys in the water. -Participants: @Bozi, @An.Dre -Screens
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  6. @Dr1-Surreal Dear Paint, thank you for your interest on joining the team, your application is now "under review" and has been moved to our forums where it will be checked and discussed through the next few days. The final result will be posted on this topic in the following week. Feel free to hang around us and join our patrols so we can get to know you better. Wishing you the best of luck.
  7. To protect with courage, to serve with compassion. - San Andreas Federal Police -
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  9. MI-6 Media Archive

    ROLEPLAYParticipants: @Asgal (MI6|Asgal) @SoulFly ([VLA]SoulFly[L] @yusuf543 ([VLA]Syvia[HQ] STORY Suddenly there was a decent intelligence, and after a few hours he said he was going to sell drugs. I expected the results to prove that this intelligence was definitive and the location of the place to be sold was determined I quickly separated from the headquarters area and started to wait in the place to sell because it was an illegal sale of drugs and during the shopping I would catch the crime and put them in prison. I waited until the time of sale and I made a raid while shopping was taking place. I got caught up in all the drugs, and I arrested them and took them to the Los Santos Police Department I questioned them to confess their crimes and they accepted their crimes they were judged against the judge and sentenced to imprisonment. I took them to the penitentiary house and he jailed and I finished this crime reliably.
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  11. Blackhole Drugs Section [+18]

    That looks like some decent stuff
  12. MI6

    @Richard. , @Fenriz , @Bozi , @TheClaw , @Kratos Accepted, Tested and Invited.
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    and real Ban xDD
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  15. TRAFFIC STOP It was about to turn to 8pm, Deputy Chief Matheus and Sergeant Harry were on patrol when they've spotted a speeding vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road. They proceeded to approach the vehicle and signalized them to stop. As the vehicle stopped, on the wrong side of the road, Matheus took command of the traffic stop and used the radio to signalize the stop. As they made contact with the driver, they found out that he had an outstanding warrant for Robbery, so they had to arrest the suspect for that. Taking him to the police station, Matheus then proceeded to book Wayne into jail, so he could spend the night there and wait for a judge to sort the warrant. A trial is still awaiting for Bruce Wayne and his warrant. To protect with courage, to serve with compassion. - San Andreas Federal Police -
  16. Quality's Reward Change

  17. RP#65- Quality over Quantity Participants: @Cobra. @Adrian! @xR3GG1x @Karma @Wizax @Revonex @Fedayn2005 @Mr.Amara @Slash @Dufabo @Xtream Story: Today on 14/12/2017 a employee told me we were a little short on weapons at the moment, luckily we have a contract with InvestArms Corporation so i gave Dufabo the director of IAC a call. I asked him when he was free to help us and luckily he was free today. I called some employees to come with me so everything would end save and sound, because we were transporting a big amount weapons, we grabbed our high armored suits. Dufabo asked to meet him at Bone County airfield at the hanger. We started moving with 3 cars to Dufabo's location and arrived after a short drive. We parked the vehicles inside the hanger and i had a short talk with Dufabo while the BES employees were securing the area. Dufabo gave a few details about the weapon boxes and the amount of guns and ammo. Reggi and Fedayn started to unload all the weapon boxes of the flatbed from IAC and load them on our flatbed. After they were done they came to me to told me every thing was ready to move. I waited for Dufabo to end his Phone call to thank him for helping us out. We're done and left the area. We started driving to our warehouse in Las Venturas to store the weapons. We arrived and Reggi and Fedayn started loading the weapon boxes in to the warehouse while the rest were securing the area. All the boxes were in the warehouse and we started driving back to our base. We arrived and we all grabbed a drink at our bar. ScreenShot(s):
  18. DDT Event: Event Type: Chicken Shooter LWS/G6 Helper(s): [B~B]MatizZ Event Prize: 1 ,000,000 $ Hosted By: Daglow Winner: Cripz**>Amara Screenshots:
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    ffs my favorite game!!
  23. Ingame Nickname: SAPA|Coma|PC*Account Name: zoomspeedDate of joining Pro Cop: 14/12/2017Who tested you: SAPA|ZeKinGWho invited you: SAPA|ZeKinGCurrent Squad/Company: SAPA. Age: 17How long have you been on this server?: 8 MonthsHow long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: 5 monthsRoleplay name: John_Davis
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