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On 16/04/2018 at 9:18 PM, Pump said:


* RP Number 121 *

~Carjack Mission~          

  • Participants: The Wild Angels & The Company
  • Story: When I was hanging around in San Fierro, Maybe I can find a mission to myself, It comes without any tire. I got a call From NoisyBoy a member of The Company, They are in need of some pieces of stuff for their new car (modded one) they need the same motor and tires of the new car Sentinel. So I got in my Huntley and went to the place where I have seen last time the car that I was talking about. I found it, it was beautiful like always. I carjacked it like always without letting anything that can make us in trouble and went to the base. There I got Pieces of Stuff that called me Noisy about. After I got them I made them in the trunk. However, I went to The Company base where I found The member with his helper waiting for me. I took the pieces to make them in The other Car. Then I got paid to go back base Happy and continue my searching 
  • Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/40zHR


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