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9 hours ago, Pump said:


* RP Number 104 *

~Justice for Money~


  • Participants : Wild Angels And The Company 
  • Story: It's Saturday, 09/04/2018, I've decided to do a guilty operation, It's been Two days and our gangmate Karim got arrested because of a Cop and he was Jailed to 3 years in prison and now he's fighting The anxiety at the prison at Las Ventura, I've decided to contact 'Adway' ,It's the only solution, he is one of the honorary members of The Company, He's hella professional on making Deals with F.B.I for the prisoners, last year he did a huge deal which resulted of Espcape twebty Crims, So I contacted him and we did a good deal which got approvale from the two sides, I gave him bunch of money against doing this operation and get our teammate 'Karim' out the jail, and after few days... I was surprised by a call from him telling me that we need to go to make him free and he go the key of his prison . 
  • Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/lJNFJ



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Event Name: Death Kart

 LWS/G6: [TST]Arma

 Prize : 1.000.000$

 Winner(s): MI6|Revonex








Event Name: Freeway Fallout

 LWS/G6: CripZ>Pular

 Prize : 1.000.000$

 Winner(s): MI6|Revonex



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