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Roleplay #1: Making a deal with Confero's


The Company has officially started with trying to reach their goal. Mason (Adistar) called one of his agents called Tom (Tom) to his office because he wants him to finish an important task. The task was making a deal with a gang called Confero's, so they can work together on fighting against the government. Mason assigned this task to Tom alone and he gave him the locations of Confero's. Tom decided to go there.


It's the next day. Tom arrived at the location and met several members of the Confero's. He told them he wants to speak their boss, and after a short discussion the boss (Sinster) came outside. Tom informed Sinster of who The Company is, and told him that The Company would like to make a deal with Confero's so they can work together. Sinster, however, was not sure whether Tom and his story were reliable. He decided to give Tom a job so he can see whether he can trust him. Sinster explained to Tom that there is a spy who is trying to track down Confero's so the police can arrest them. Sinster wants Tom to assassinate this individual. Tom agreed on doing this job and started to gain more information about this individual by searching in the data of the police.


Tom was able to have access to the data because Mason (Adistar) has strong connections with the Department of Justice. It took some time to get through all the Data, but Tom managed to find who this spy was. This spy was apparently a leader of a team called FOX, and his name is Sam. Tom collected all the data he needed, including the location of Sam's house and the time that Sam is working. Tom decides to break into Sam's house when Sam is working and wait for Sam till he comes back home. He would then kill the spy.


It's 3 days later. Tom managed to get into Sam's house.


A few hours later, Sam came back to his home


Sam found Tom in his house, waiting to get him killed. Sam wondered who he was and got shocked


Tom ignored every question Sam asked, and he killed Sam instantly. He took Sam's head as proof of the assassination to Confero's and made sure the police wouldn't be able to track him. He went out of the house and went back to Sinster to finish the job


Tom met Sinster after a while again, and showed the head to him. Tom won Sinster's trust, and Sinster agreed to make the deal and sign the contract. The Company and Confero's are now allies.

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Now finally the last post for today. We've been very active the last days. Here are some pictures of the amount of members being online.







For the guys who are wondering where our official gang topic is: it will be online either tommorow or the day after. 

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                                                                        EVENT #3
LWS / G6 : SirLord_Pengo
                                Prize : $1.000.000 
                                Winner : [T~C]Lerov 



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Today we just had a great day. We were chilling around doing some Storerobberies and having fun.






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Event #4

Multi - Last Man Standing

Helper: Sam

price: 2,000,000$

Unfortunately, our LWS timed out in the middle of the event which led in all the constructions being removed. We are posting it here because It took us a lot of time to build the event and we will assure you that we will host this again later








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Roleplay #2(Story-Line): Offering FOX to sign the contract


We had another mission from Mason(adistar). We were told to meet at FOX' base we had an order to make FOX sign a contract. we did not get any other information.


Arriving at our destination the first thing that attracted our eyes was a group of a few men in suit and sunglasses. They looked like they expected us and took us inside to the Major.Marshall(Sam) afterwards.He brought us to the meeting room to discuss the contract further.


Once we started out this conversation there was some tension. What we are asking from FOX is that they will get us of the rader and bribe us as much as possible and keep off the heat so we can do our job without getting problems. They agreed but of course, they wanted something in exchange so we offered a job to let their stalker disappear from the map. The major told us they were searching for a spyware that was hidden the victim's tooth. This spyware contains necessitated information and cost around 1,000,000$. They told us that the spyware device was heavily guarded by one of the best trained special forces and it wouldn't be easy to break in it is not a burger shop said a member FOX ironically, luckily they offered us some great equipment to fulfil this task. Of course, we couldn't resist the task so we accepted the offer so they would sign the contract which was necessary for our next case.


We went to the location of the spyware by an escort all of our equipment was ready set.


We arrived at the location and they gave us the last information


We tried to be unwitnessed and stay off the normal road as much as possible.


We managed to get inside the base unnoticed because we arrived at the early morning when everyone was asleep. We took the suspicious man outside the base to question him and kill him afterwards.

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Roleplay #3 (Side-RP)

A new friendship


Today we've got a call from a member of the Outfit named Quality. He asked us to meet at an unknown location. He told us to bring our best quality weapons which we just got from the government


We arrived at the location and started to talk about us that we were new in town and that he might help us in the future. Besides that, we've have shown him the weapons and he seemed quite surprised that we were able to get them from the government.


He was very happy that we managed to get these weapons and tested them out


Afterwards, we discussed the price and we decided to give him an offer of 4,600$ with ammo included. We knew that this wasn't the last time we're gonna see each other so we shook hands and went away before the cops would arrive

Special thanks to @Quality@RedBull, @Kygo075 and @PharaohBebo


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